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Morning Ritual by Paris Dixon

OUT NOW! Morning Ritual by Paris Dixon

When she rents an ocean beach house along the Georgia coast, overworked photographer Anastasia Hunter finds the peace and serenity she craves. Until she observes her next-door neighbor performing his morning ritual, that is.

Quickly she grows obsessed with the activities of the handsome stranger, and before long, her camera is back in action, capturing from afar every salacious moment for her personal viewing pleasure.

But what will happen when she meets him face to face? Will he discover her addiction to voyeurism? And if so, will he have her arrested, or will he retaliate in a different and pleasurable way?


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Lechery for the Devil by Paris Dixon

OUT NOW! Lechery for the Devil by Paris Dixon

After spending part of a lonely evening in her apartment listening to her favorite band, The Rolling Stones, Cassandra dons her slinkiest black dress and makes for a local nightspot, determined to locate a warm body to satisfy her deepest desires.

But when she quickly makes eye contact and begins a daring flirtation with a devilishly handsome stranger named Jagger, a man surrounded by more than a hint of danger, she suddenly begins to wonder if the resulting sparks between them are more than mere coincidence …


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Sisters of the Secret Conspiracy by Paris Dixon

OUT NOW! Sisters of the Secret Conspiracy by Paris Dixon

Desdra Von Cleef has a deep, dark secret, one which she has taken great care to hide from all but her closest comrades. But war soon envelops Georgia, and only when General Sherman’s Northern troops burn Atlanta and march toward Savannah, leaving a swath of destruction in their wake, does Desdra and her lonely, war-widowed “sisters” dare to reveal their true natures to save their homes.

When a squad of Yankees, under the leadership of the dashing yet ruthless Union Major Canaan Abbott Scarborough, arrives at Raven’s Peak to burn and pillage, they get a whole lot more than they bargained for from Desdra Von Cleef, the plantation’s owner, an alluring and welcoming Southern belle.

Instead of burning down the mansion, stealing Desdra’s many treasures, and taking liberties no gentleman would consider, the Yankees find themselves recruited into a secret confederacy — with Desdra and her “sisters in blood” firmly in charge …


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The Essence of Magic by Paris Dixon

OUT NOW! The Essence of Magic by Paris Dixon

Young and powerful Vita Omnia, First Daughter and Royal Witch of the Queendom of Travéttica, has selected one of her twelve magic-restoring Vessels to become her life-mate. And not a moment too soon, as her Day of Achievement before the Royal Coven is fast approaching.

Viral and strong, sexy and alluring, Bron D’Extrian has won Vita’s heart, and she finally confesses her love to him. Like her Witch Mothers before her, she has chosen well, and with Bron at her side for life, Vita envisions future generations of formidable Witches and sagacious Warlock Advisors to successfully lead the largest country on the planet B’Atrani into future centuries.

But rumors flourish that one of Vita’s sisters has eyes for the throne, intending to enslave all B’Atrani’s mortals and conquer peaceful lands. Before she discovers the vile plot, however, Vita is imperiled. But will Bron D’Extrian, along with Vita’s other loyal Vessels, be able to gift her with superior magical strength before it’s too late?


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And the Cradle Will Rock by Paris Dixon

OUT NOW! And the Cradle Will Rock by Paris Dixon

In Hot For Teacher, wild and sassy Blythe Larson played the role of both best friend and scheming matchmaker. She encouraged her gal-pal Paige Gillette to attend their ten-year high school reunion in order to snag the man of her dreams. With Blythe’s manipulation and “never say die” attitude, the somewhat-shy Paige gained the strength and found herself in heaven.

Now, just over a year later, Blythe finds herself in an unacceptable situation. She can’t get a date! Never before has this happened to her, and it couldn’t have come at a worse time. She needs to attend an important charity event, knowing that her ex-husband will also be in attendance with his new wife and her former in-laws.

Despite his new marriage, Richard “Dickless” Quigley Whitaker still thinks of Blythe as his “possession,” trying to win her back at every turn. How can she convince the wealthy and snooty Whitaker clan that she has thrived since the divorce, that even if Richard was declared the last man on Earth, she would still demand a recount? Showing up “stag” at the event just won’t do. She needs Richard and his family to see her in the company of a “new lover,” to see that she has moved on with her life. But with all the eligible men in Savannah seemingly disappearing overnight, what’s a gal in a pickle to do?

Hire a Rent-A-Stud for the evening, that’s what! And with Paige’s encouragement, that’s exactly what Blythe does. But when the younger and sexy-as-sin Shiloh Birmingham Wolfe shows up on her doorstep at the appointed hour to escort her to the formal event, Blythe finds herself in a bigger and more delicious quandary … go to the charity auction as planned, or rip off the man’s form-fitting tuxedo and jump his muscular bones?


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