<i>Passion Knows No Boundaries</i> by Paris Dixon

Passion Knows No Boundaries by Paris Dixon

<i>Passion Knows No Boundaries</i> by Paris Dixon

OUT NOW! Passion Knows No Boundaries by Paris Dixon

Clarice Nash has made the purchase of her dreams, buying Riverview, a sprawling 19th-Century plantation house on the outskirts of Savannah that she has admired since childhood. But when her restoration starts on a bedroom mysteriously locked for decades, the hauntings also begin — the hauntings of two lost souls reliving through eternity one night of unbridled passion.

At first unnerved by the ghostly lovemaking, then growing obsessed as the weeks progress and the visions gain clarity, especially when no one else can bear witness to the nightly proceedings, Clarice locates a descendant of the original owners, determined to solve the mystery and free her home of the lust-filled phantoms.

But when she meets Derek Ballantine, great-great-grandson and spitting image of the handsome Esau Lamont Ballantine, the virile male spirit consuming her every waking thought, she’s haunted by desires within herself, cravings she believes only Derek can now fulfill …


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