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Rainbow Tales by Kathleen Murphey

OUT NOW! Rainbow Tales by Kathleen Murphey

The twelve stories in this collection are queer twists on familiar fairy tales and folklore. From Snow White to Baba Yaga, a whole new world — where stepmothers aren’t always evil and beasts aren’t necessarily fearsome — is waiting to be explored.

Will Sleeping Beauty wake up to who she really is and wants to be with? How will Wendy escape from the clutches of Hook and find Everland? What will the Huntsman do with Snow White, and how will kissing a frog change a princess’ life?


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Snow White and Sleeping Beauty by Kathleen Murphey

OUT NOW! Snow White and Sleeping Beauty by Kathleen Murphey

When Snow White flees into the dangerous woods to escape the bloodlust of her murderous queen, she has no idea how much her life will change. Her flight ends when she stumbles upon a cottage deep in the heart of the woods, never suspecting the door to love and freedom will soon open to her.

Aurora — nicknamed Sleeping Beauty — has escaped marriage to the man she’s betrothed to, with the help of her aunts. Having only the aunts for company, she soon starts feeling lonely, and longs for company her own age.

When the two girls meet and fall in love, will their tender relationship bloom and last, or will it fade under the constant threat of the queen’s dark magic? If they make a final stand against the queen, will they live to tell their tale?


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The Magic Pact by Jaimie N. Schock

OUT NOW! The Magic Pact by Jaimie N. Schock

Sequel to The Crystal Call

Kenna and Yuuki go on a mission to track down Moíra, the evil woman behind the mutations that now infect the former United States. They intend to make her pay for what she’s done, especially for torturing Dakota. Their trip on horseback is a long one, and they encounter many groups of people, some of who are definitely not friendly.

Meanwhile, Dakota and Terrell set up shop in their little fortress. But peace and quiet are interrupted by the reappearance of an enraged Odessa, who demands to know where Kenna can be found.

Will Kenna and Yuuki find Moíra, and can they handle a fight against her? Moreover, what will Odessa do if and when she locates Kenna?


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Sky Knights by Alex Powell

OUT NOW! Sky Knights by Alex Powell

Dounia and Ira are part of the Nightwitches, an elite squad of night bombers determined to help bring down Axis forces. When Dounia’s sister Tanya joins the army, Dounia doesn’t react well out of concern. When Tanya disappears after an Axis attack on their base, it looks like the situation will end in tragedy.

Unfortunately the war doesn’t stop for personal tragedies, and the dangers of battle are ever present. Dounia and Ira’s plane goes down behind enemy lines, and Ira is injured. Will their determination and courage be enough to see them safely through?


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Belling the Kat and Other Stories by JL Merrow

OUT NOW! Belling the Kat and Other Stories by JL Merrow

Office worker Kat didn’t think the statuesque Belle was her type … until she saw her friend rocking a slinky satin bridesmaid’s dress. Now Kat can’t get the gorgeous image out of her head, but dare she risk losing Belle’s friendship by trying for something more?

To add to her woes, ever since a close encounter of the feline kind, Kat’s had an embarrassing little problem that keeps recurring. Surely someone as beautiful as Belle won’t fall for a woman who occasionally sprouts whiskers … and a tail!

This mini-collection also includes three more super-quick reads featuring women loving women: contemporary romance “Little Bit of Ivory,” Japanese fairy tale “Ice Maiden,” and the haunting “Dance With Me.”


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