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The Nutcracker Princess by Courtney Milnestein

OUT NOW! The Nutcracker Princess by Courtney Milnestein

In the city of Holmgarðr, in the nation of Garðaríki, on Christmas Eve, there is magic in the air, as Uncle Drosselmeyer presents his gifts before the young children of the ambassador of Gloriana, Clara and Fitz. Yet for all the magic and festivities of Christmas, there is a sense also of danger, the shadow of war growing longer from the neighboring nations of the Hanseatic League.

Caught on the cusp of the peaceful life she has always known and the threat of impending war, Clara finds himself alone in a magical realm save for the company of her cat, embroiled in dangers hitherto unimagined as she finds herself increasingly drawn to a handsome Nutcracker Princess and faced with a choice that will impact both her own fate and that of the world around her.


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Thin by Vanessa Krauss

OUT NOW! Thin by Vanessa Krauss

Naomi is a thin, fashion-loving Torontonian living in a world that likes it large. Being small is her life, and she gets by day-to-day ignoring the micro grievances that surround her until they become unavoidable obstacles in her dating, family, friend, and work life.

To add to it, the new girl at work is tormenting her, and she doesn’t know who to turn to. Who is this Ami chick, and why has she taken such an intense interest in her? This isn’t what she asked for. All she wants is acceptance, respect, and a warm body to spoon on cold nights, and it’s going to take more than dressing pretty to accomplish it.

This speculative romance takes place in a world similar to our own, but with a tiny twist. Naomi will have to think large and take charge to get what she wants in life, and a pretty girl or a handsome guy on her arm would be an added bonus.


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I Remember It All by Nanisi Barrett D’Arnuk

OUT NOW! I Remember It All by Nanisi Barrett D’Arnuk

Sequel to A Taxing Situation

Eccentric, genius, science-fiction writer Joan Howell has to decide what to do with some of the money she just earned when a stock investment pays off big time. She decides to contribute to some of the wildlife funds she’s loved her whole life.

First, she brings members of the family of her buffalo Beau to live with him on her new property. Then she goes to Florida to first see about traveling into space, then to see what the Manatee Preservation Society needs.

But the manatees are waiting for her. It was foretold centuries ago that “The Jone” would save them from “the biting tails.” How can she convince the police the manatee she was caught riding had been honored to guide her around their realm when it’s illegal to even touch the creatures?


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Warm and Soft as Firelight by Shelly Greene

OUT NOW! Warm and Soft as Firelight by Shelly Greene

Princess Noemi’s brother is betrothed to the crown princess of a neighboring kingdom, an alliance with a stronger nation in exchange for the magic that runs in Noemi’s family. When Noemi’s brother dies unexpectedly, there’s no other male of the bloodline to offer, and the alliance is in danger of dissolving. But the court magician has an experimental spell he says will allow two women to produce an heir. Thus it is Noemi who finds herself married to Princess Caterina.

Noemi is fascinated by the kind and beautiful Caterina, but feels certain her feelings can never be returned. What does she have to offer except social ineptitude, a bad temper, and a mediocre appearance? How could Caterina ever want her instead of her lost brother?

But when an accident threatens Caterina’s life and only Noemi’s magical talent can save her, they may find they have more in common than they ever suspected …


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Something’s Burning by Toby Yu

OUT NOW! Something’s Burning by Toby Yu

Becoming an immortal doesn’t solve your personal issues. That’s something Evanescence Lawrence, a recent phoenix (or so they tell her, she’s still trying to figure it out) is discovering, as she attends the yearly New Year’s party for supernatural beings and witches.

While there, she meets a vampire named Vinnie, and the two hit it off despite their differences. Can Eva make her first non-human friend, or will her myriad of issues and the lack of control over her powers get the best of her?


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