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Guest post by J.D. Ryan

I got my start writing gay smut back in the heady days of Windows95, AOL chatrooms, and Dell PC computers. We had a little chatroom on AOL called TWWS — Transworld Writer’s Work-Shop and it was there I met the people who’ve become some of my best friends. By the way, TWWS still exists today as an online critique group for writers, and yes, we still read gay erotica.

Two of those TWWS writers, Vic Howell (DTAM) and Barry Alexander (BALSKANDER), introduced me to the amazing world of actually getting paid for writing the exact same stuff I was paying to read. I sold to several magazines, and Vic suggested I try anthologies (which paid a little more), so I submitted to some of those as well. Everything from back then is out of print now, of course, but we had a hell of a lot of fun with those old magazines and anthologies. I met people like the appropriately named SmutSmith and exchanged love notes with a cartoonist. I even made it into a couple of “Best Of” books like Friction and Best Gay Erotica.

Writing stories has always been in my blood. I actually wrote my first short story when I was about 5 or 6. Entitled “Silly Mouse,” it certainly wouldn’t win any prizes, but my dad kept it. I ran across it cleaning up his desk after he passed on. Ah, the early years of the author …

Like many a red-blooded American lad, I started my writing career with fan fiction. My earliest heroes were men like Tarzan, Zorro, and John Carter of Mars. Then I discovered the world of television — and the sidekick! Instant homoerotic tension anyone? What would Captain Kirk have been without Mr. Spock — or Steve McGarrett without Dan-o? And let’s not forget all those Westerns that were so popular when I was just a pup. I cut my writing teeth on Gunsmoke, Bonanza, The Wild Wild West, and (my personal favorite) Alias Smith and Jones. Rugged men with their rugged companions taming the rugged West. Heaven.

Once I discovered the world of the sidekick, I never looked back. If I could have published some of the tales I imagined in my youth, I’d be a rich man today. I’d never heard the word slash back then, much less yaoi, but damn if I didn’t have a ball writing it. I guess I’ve always been a storyteller.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading my little tales as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them. Here’s to the next 10 years with JMS Books!

* * * *

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Hard Day’s Ride by J.D. Ryan

Guest post by J.D. RyanHard Day’s Ride by J.D. Ryan is now available!


Roy Wortham is a spoiled rancher’s son who’s never done an honest day’s work in his life. When his father decides it’s time Roy grew up, he’s sent on a cattle drive with the ranch’s best hands.

Joe Gibbs expects Roy to demand special treatment on the drive. To his surprise, Roy asks to be treated just like one of the hands. He wants to learn the ropes so he can take over his father’s empire one day.

Joe’s grudging respect for the boss’s son slowly turns into friendship. Is Roy interested in being friends … or could he be after something more?


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Summer Swap: Evan and Ty by J.D. Ryan

Summer Swap: Evan and Ty by J.D. Ryan is now available!


What would you do if you rang your best friend’s doorbell … and a stranger answered?

Evan Romer is astonished when he stops by his friend’s apartment and finds Ty Mitchell in the shower instead. Turns out Ty has swapped houses with Evan’s friend and is spending two weeks in San Francisco, a long way from his country home in South Carolina.

Unable to deny the attraction between them, Evan offers to show Ty the town and romance blossoms. Ty wants to keep things casual, but Evan is falling in love fast. Will romance blossom before it’s time for Ty to head back?


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Backbeat Rhythm by J.D. Ryan

Backbeat Rhythm by J.D. Ryan is now available!


Heavy metal backbeat vs. the classics.

Bassist Kit Barlow doesn’t have time for romance. He’s holding down two jobs and playing in a heavy metal band — while raising his seven-year-old son by himself. But when Ebon joins the Cub Scouts, Kit can’t help but notice his group leader, Max Hill.

Max is everything Kit likes in a man: tall, dark, and determined. The two men come up with a way to keep their nosy families from trying to set them up with every available man in the city: they’ll pretend to be dating each other.

In between the afternoon pool games and the Sunday mac ‘n cheese, Kit and Max find their pretend romance is developing some real heat. There’s only one problem now — Kit finds out Max despises rock and roll music.

How’s a heavy metal rocker supposed to woo a man who only likes classical music? Can they make their relationship work, or will they find their differences hit a sour note?


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An Ordinary Man by J.D. Ryan

An Ordinary Man by J.D. Ryan is now available!


In the balmy streets of Charleston, adult filmmaker Armand Bettencourt meets a street hustler like no other. Restless, untutored, and sexy, young J.T. Pierce wings off to Los Angeles with Armand.

The last thing on Armand’s mind is the new actor, but young J.T. gets under his skin … in more ways than one. J.T. is determined to become the next big gay porn sensation. With that body — and that attitude — he just might.

But Armand’s friends set up a doozy of a trick on them. Armand has to make a choice — take a chance on the lad or let him go, painful though that might be. Can a grumpy, middle-aged filmmaker find love with a former street hustler?

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