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Guest post by Elizabeth Noble

Hello and welcome to the 10th anniversary celebration of JMS Books.

I love writing romance … and adventure … and mysteries … and …!

Romance happens in phases. Two people meet. There’s talking, dating, getting to know each other. Along the way feelings develop and those feelings turn into physical desire.

People hug, kiss and make love. It’s part of being in a romantic relationship.

Except it’s not that easy for everyone. There is an entire group of people who are forced to hide their love from the world. That’s one reason I write books centered on LGBTQ+ characters, in my case, gay men. While my stories have gay men as the main characters, the focus of the stories isn’t the fact the characters are gay. The focus is a mystery, or how a romance grows between two people — sometimes both.

In all my books the fact that the main characters are gay is secondary to the story. I enjoy writing about love. Finding love, finding a second love, rekindling a past love or growing old and being in love. It’s not all hearts and flowers, however! The road to love for my men is often fraught with danger, adventure and the occasional supernatural evil that needs dispatching.

I’ve been publishing with JMS Books for only a few years, but it’s been an honor and a pleasure. The diversity of books is astounding and refreshing. JMS has books and authors from across the rainbow, all are welcome.

One of my latest books released by JMS Books is the final installment of my Sentries series, Ringed Love. The series follows two men from the time they’re young adults into their old age. The main characters, Todd and Nick, are master and slave and their union was arranged when they were children, neither was given a choice. They took charge of their lives together and their romance spanned decades. Theirs was a life of love, lust and adventure.

I was delighted when, after leaving another publisher, JMS Books gave this series, along with several of my other books, a new home. That allowed me to do some rewriting, polish and tighten up a story I’d written a long time ago. I grew as a writer and JM gave me the opportunity to release some of my books all over again. As an author, being able to fix some errors, evolve my characters a little more, and expand the plot was a real treat.

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A Decade of Gay Romance edited by J.M. Snyder

OUT NOW! A Decade of Gay Romance edited by J.M. Snyder

JMS Books began in 2010 as a way for of getting a few friends into print. Ten years later, we’ve published more than 2,000 books celebrating LGBTQ+ romance from over 200 authors. A Decade of Gay Romance is a collection of our ten best-selling short stories, one for each year (to date).

From first love to true love, from submission to sensual, from heat to sweet and everything in between, the couples in these stories are sure to keep you turning the pages as you fall in love with them.

With stories by J.M. Snyder, Drew Hunt, JL Merrow, Wayne Mansfield, Terry O’Reilly, Edward Kendrick, Shawn Lane, J.D. Walker, Nell Iris, and Elizabeth Noble, this head-over-heels collection goes beyond bedtime reading. Whether happily ever after or happy for now, there’s an ending for everyone in here!

Contains the stories: My Best Friend’s Dad by J.M. Snyder, Twelve Hours I by Drew Hunt, Dead Shot by JL Merrow, The King’s Prize by Wayne Mansfield, My Beagle, the Yenta by Terry O’Reilly, Let Go of Loneliness by Edward Kendrick, Accidentally His by Shawn Lane, A-dork-able by J.D. Walker, Unexpected Christmas by Nell Iris, and Home Coming by Elizabeth Noble.


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Sentries Book 6: Ringed Love by Elizabeth Noble

OUT NOW! Sentries Book 6: Ringed Love by Elizabeth Noble

New Colorado Protectorate fell with the assassination of Chancellor Clarke. Like many others, Todd and Nick Ruger left the land of their birth and made a home to the north in Yellowknife. Their world was ever changing. The time came to say a sad farewell to some of their friends and loved ones, but they were taken in with open arms by others and in turn offered shelter to yet more. Through the years they remained steadfast in their duty as sentries to protect and defend those that needed it the most.

Time marches on but through it all they hold each other dear and cherish the love they’ve shared. There are still angry ghosts, Windigos and water spirits to contend with. Their lives change, offering them new roles. When the time comes, they do what sentries have done for generations prior and teach others the skills to carry on as sentries. The Rugers lives were rich and their hearts full with their devotion and love for each other. The tradition of the sentries lived on forever. It was the legacy of Todd and Nick Ruger. That was the way it was always meant to be.

Winner Gay Fantasy Romance category 2016 Rainbow Awards and Runner Up Best Gay Book 2016 Rainbow Award


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The Freedom of Submission by Elizabeth Noble

OUT NOW! The Freedom of Submission by Elizabeth Noble

Ian Groden loves his life. He’s happily married to the most wonderful man in the world. His career as the CEO of a thriving family business is right on track. He’s got it all. Ian is a man with a secret, however. He appears in control, but in reality, he’d rather let go and put his longings and physical pleasure in the hands of another. Being a submissive is utterly tantalizing and allows Ian to live out his every sexual whim without reservation or guilt.

Taren Murdoch is the man who fulfills Ian’s needs. He’s Ian’s husband, Dom, and protector. It’s Taren who doles out the pain Ian craves. There’s another side to that coin and that is to ensure the pain is never too much for Ian. Taren turns Ian’s pain into pleasure, a job that sometimes takes planning and creativity.

Ian and Taren have taken a break from their everyday lives and are enjoying a trip where they can indulge in their fantasies. It’s rare Ian has the freedom to spend day and night submitting to Taren. Will Taren be able to make sure he and Ian enjoy this dream vacation as much as they hope?


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Tethered Pair by Elizabeth Noble

OUT NOW! Tethered Pair by Elizabeth Noble

Wars are fought on many fronts.

A battle is raging across New Colorado Protectorate with both human and demonic players. Todd and Nick Ruger are sentries with an arsenal of talents and training to combat threats from a variety of enemies.

Todd and Nick are given a mission to find and stop weapons smugglers by going undercover on the riverboat, Annabelle. These aren’t typical arms dealers, they’re demons and they’re not afraid of a pair of sentries. The Rugers will have to use all their skills and their most powerful weapon, the bond between them, just to stay alive.

Stopping the supply of illegal weapons turns to trying, and failing, to thwart an assassination. Todd and Nick have each other, but will they be able to keep their love intact?


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