Guest post by Elizabeth Noble

Guest post by Elizabeth Noble

Guest post by Elizabeth Noble

Hello and welcome to the 10th anniversary celebration of JMS Books.

I love writing romance … and adventure … and mysteries … and …!

Romance happens in phases. Two people meet. There’s talking, dating, getting to know each other. Along the way feelings develop and those feelings turn into physical desire.

People hug, kiss and make love. It’s part of being in a romantic relationship.

Except it’s not that easy for everyone. There is an entire group of people who are forced to hide their love from the world. That’s one reason I write books centered on LGBTQ+ characters, in my case, gay men. While my stories have gay men as the main characters, the focus of the stories isn’t the fact the characters are gay. The focus is a mystery, or how a romance grows between two people — sometimes both.

In all my books the fact that the main characters are gay is secondary to the story. I enjoy writing about love. Finding love, finding a second love, rekindling a past love or growing old and being in love. It’s not all hearts and flowers, however! The road to love for my men is often fraught with danger, adventure and the occasional supernatural evil that needs dispatching.

I’ve been publishing with JMS Books for only a few years, but it’s been an honor and a pleasure. The diversity of books is astounding and refreshing. JMS has books and authors from across the rainbow, all are welcome.

One of my latest books released by JMS Books is the final installment of my Sentries series, Ringed Love. The series follows two men from the time they’re young adults into their old age. The main characters, Todd and Nick, are master and slave and their union was arranged when they were children, neither was given a choice. They took charge of their lives together and their romance spanned decades. Theirs was a life of love, lust and adventure.

I was delighted when, after leaving another publisher, JMS Books gave this series, along with several of my other books, a new home. That allowed me to do some rewriting, polish and tighten up a story I’d written a long time ago. I grew as a writer and JM gave me the opportunity to release some of my books all over again. As an author, being able to fix some errors, evolve my characters a little more, and expand the plot was a real treat.


“How’s your arm?” Todd took Nick’s arm and turned it over. “Looks good.”

Nick’s stitches had been removed, and what was once a laceration was now a thin, white, fading line. Todd’s back and shoulders, while painful, were not life threatening. They had both healed nicely.

“Peggy did a good job,” Nick said and looked down at his arm.

“Is she the doctor who wants you to work in the clinic a day or two every week?”

Nick nodded. Two other physicians had been running the ever-burgeoning clinic they opened, but Nick had plenty of animal patients to care for. “Yes, but I like traveling to the farms and being a veterinarian better.”

Todd patted Nick’s back. “I know. I also know Peggy and the other doctors insist people at the clinic refer to you as ‘Doctor,’ too. It seems to me you’re sort of obligated.” He shrugged. “Besides, it looks like I’ll be spending two days a week in the sheriff’s office awhile longer. He sent a message saying
his wife’s treatments were being extended.”

“So you’re in cahoots with Peggy?”

Todd scratched the bridge of his nose. “Yeah.” Todd slid an arm around Nick’s waist and pulled him closer. “Do you really want to talk about Peggy?”

“You started it,” Nick grumbled and put their rings on the dresser. He grinned when Todd steered him away from the dresser and toward the bed. “We’re supposed to be in town in two hours.”

“Plenty of time.” Todd moved his other hand to Nick’s belt and tugged. “To get a shower and get dressed.”

“How’d we get roped into this?” Nick stripped and headed for the shower. “Do you know how many people there’ll be?” He started when Todd stepped in with him and gave him a thorough visual examination. The glint in Todd’s eyes and the way the man smirked sent all sorts of heat coursing through Nick to nest in his groin.

“What?” Nick asked and looked down at himself as he ran a bar of soap over his chest and abs. He lifted his eyebrows and stopped short of his thickening cock.

“You need to relax.” Todd sank to his knees in front of Nick.

Nick opened his mouth to ask how he was supposed to do that, but clamped it shut fast when Todd’s mouth covered his dick. He sucked in a shuddering breath and leaned back against the shower wall. Todd used both hands on Nick’s hips to hold him in place so he didn’t slip on the wet floor.

* * * *

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