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Lovers from Different Eras by Casper Graham

OUT NOW! Lovers from Different Eras by Casper Graham

Chase Crayford and Simon Lobb are boyfriends who accidentally travel to the year 3022. The United States of America is no longer the same country it was a thousand years ago. Asteroids have changed many things. Instead of cities or towns, there are safe zones, checkpoints, and wastelands overrun with dangerous mutated plants.

The two men must survive long enough to return to where they’ve come from. Fortunately, they receive help from Brody Fisher, Mason Kirk, and Troy Whittemore, three hunters who work for the Search and Rescue Association.

Feelings develop and blossom among them, but Simon and Chase can’t remain in the future. At least not indefinitely. The situation becomes even more complicated when they discover some plants have evolved further, making them much more dangerous.

Can they successfully deal with the plants while they fight for their love and relationship?


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Nowhere Else He Would Rather Be by Casper Graham

OUT NOW! Nowhere Else He Would Rather Be by Casper Graham

Micah Bates has been infatuated with Arlo Newman for years. However, unlike Arlo, who is a semi-retired model and actor, Micah is only the owner of an ice cream parlor that barely makes enough to stay afloat. When Jenson Hall buys the shop next to his ice cream parlor, Micah’s instantly attracted to the man. Until he finds out Jenson owns a multi-billion-dollar company that sells all sorts of sweet things. Jenson is filthy rich, and he’s also a competitor.

Arlo is confused when he notices how close Jenson and Micah seem to be. Micah is his long-time crush who treats him as nothing more than a good friend. Jenson is the new guy in town. It’s lust at first sight for Arlo, but first, he needs to deal with his jealousy every time he sees Jenson and Micah together.

After a brief interaction with Arlo and Micah, Jenson knows he has to take a chance on both men. Fortunately, Micah and Arlo are obviously attracted to each other. Proposing a three-way relationship should be easy enough. Jenson just has to find a way to get them all on the same page.

Can the three men find a way to get together? Or are they destined to remain as friends for the rest of their lives?


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New Year, New Love by Casper Graham

OUT NOW! New Year, New Love by Casper Graham

Vance Waller can’t believe his luck. It’s a week before Thanksgiving, and he has to travel more than three hours to meet up with a client just because his supervisor is too lazy to do it. To make matter worse, his crappy car has to die on him, and he’s stuck in a small town called Pontybridge, which is forty-five minutes away from his destination. As if that isn’t bad enough, there’s a snowstorm.

Vance’s luck improves when Brett Griffiths, the attractive owner of the bed and breakfast in town, approaches him and helps tow his car away. His luck continues to become better when Talon Patterson, a handsome and successful lawyer, comes to stay at the B&B.

There’s an instant attraction between the three of them, and the sexual tension is intense. However, there’s a big problem. Both Vance and Talon live in San Francisco while Brett resides in Pontybridge. Vance is also having issues at work, and he knows he needs to resolve that.

Can the three men find a way to make their relationship work?


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A One-Time Thing by Casper Graham

OUT NOW! A One-Time Thing by Casper Graham

When Peter Wong goes to the bar after a frustrating phone call with his parents, he’s only there for a drink or two, and hopefully he can forget about his troubles. At least for a little while. He doesn’t expect to make new friends. Or somehow end up in a relationship. Of sorts.

Bruce Yang and Kevin Chan have been dating for more than ten years, and they’ve always been faithful. After a frank discussion about their sex lives, they agree to experiment a little outside of their relationship, but not individually. They will do it together as a couple, and at the top of the list of things they’re both curious about is to have a threesome.

Both men like Peter, and they’re glad he agrees to join them in their bed. It’s supposed to be a one-time thing. Just to appease their curiosity. However, feelings gradually develop among the trio, and that complicates everything.

Will Bruce, Kevin, and Peter risk their friendship and try becoming a throuple?


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The Necromancer and the Men Who Love Him by Casper Graham

OUT NOW! The Necromancer and the Men Who Love Him by Casper Graham

Calian is a necromancer waiting for his final trial. If he passes, he will earn the last black pearl he requires to become a grim reaper. In the meantime, he must remain in the mortal realm as a living immortal. There are drawbacks, one of which is the need to consume warm yang energy from other men.

Gage Hawkins and Flynn Hamilton are mortals with plenty of yang energy. Calian expects one passion-filled evening with two hot and sexy men, but it turns into something deeper and more romantic, and no magic on earth can stop it. Not that he wants to anyway, but Calian’s final trial will be difficult and dangerous, and if he makes it through, he won’t be allowed to stay in the mortal realm. All grim reapers must reside in hell.

Can they find a solution? Or is their romance destined to die before it can even come alive?


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