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Falling in Love in Hong Kong by Casper Graham

OUT NOW! Falling in Love in Hong Kong by Casper Graham

While attending a seminar in Hong Kong, Kenneth is surprised that Edward Lee, his childhood friend, is also present. They’ve been separated for many years. When they agree to hang out and catch up, Kenneth never expects to be attracted to Edward. Fortunately, Edward is also interested in getting to know him as more than just friends.

However, Edward still resides in San Francisco while Kenneth spends most of his time in Hong Kong. Some couples may be able to stay together while being in a long-distance relationship, but Kenneth doesn’t think it will work out well for him and Edward, considering their brand-new relationship. Moreover, since Edward will only be in Hong Kong for about two weeks, there isn’t enough time for him and Kenneth to develop a deep and meaningful relationship.

Will the two men find a solution before Edward leaves Hong Kong?


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Bangkok Love Story by Casper Graham

OUT NOW! Bangkok Love Story by Casper Graham

Augustus Lee needs a break. Life has been terrible lately. Aside from dealing with multiple projects at work, he has to break off his engagement with Stanley, his cheating ex-fiancé. He decides to fly to Bangkok for a holiday. He plans to relax and recharge. He doesn’t expect to meet Simon Kongpaisarn, a fellow New Yorker, there.

He’s not sure why he doesn’t refuse when Simon insists on accompanying him everywhere. Maybe it’s because he’s lonely, and in spite of how he feels, having someone traveling around with him is nice. It doesn’t hurt that Simon is attractive. He’s good-looking and he has a great body. That may explain why Augustus doesn’t firmly reject Simon when the man asks him out on a date. He’s not ready for another relationship, but going out on a date should be fine. At least, that’s what Augustus tells himself.

Will Augustus open up his heart to Simon in the end?


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The Rainbow After the Rain by Casper Graham

OUT NOW! The Rainbow After the Rain by Casper Graham

Anson Lee is abused as a child. Even though he manages to grow up and become a productive member of the society, his traumatic past leaves him with plenty of emotional scars. He doesn’t date because he finds it difficult to trust anyone. Even making friends is a problem for him.

Peter Yang likes Anson. He’s aware that Anson has many issues due to the man’s horrible childhood. He tries his best to be patient while he gradually gets closer to Anson. However, attempting to form any sort of relationships with Anson is a lot tougher than he expects. Every time he succeeds in taking one step forward, he will find himself being pushed back at least ten steps. Nevertheless, he continues to persevere.

Will Peter and Anson manage to find the rainbow after the rain and have their happily ever after?


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Like a Piece of Art by Casper Graham

OUT NOW! Like a Piece of Art by Casper Graham

Henry Cooke has lost his inspiration to draw. He’s frustrated because he can’t create a single piece of art. Since he has plenty of spare time, he hangs out with Charles Barrera. They choose to meet up at a bakery. When Henry sees Jason Ardolf standing behind the counter of the bakery, he knows he has found his muse.

Charles has a crush on Henry. Unfortunately, Henry doesn’t seem to feel the same way. Charles feels even more miserable when he notices the intense way Henry is looking at Jason, but it’s understandable. Jason is incredibly beautiful for a man.

Jason is attracted to Henry at first sight, but he doesn’t have a chance with the handsome man. After all, Henry and Charles are perfect together. They’re handsome and well-built, and the chemistry between them is obvious.

Can the three men resolve the misunderstanding and get together in the end?


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Like Pieces of the Jigsaw Puzzle by Casper Graham

OUT NOW! Like Pieces of the Jigsaw Puzzle by Casper Graham

Harrison Cooke, Camden Barrera, and Tristan Newman will be attending a party together while pretending they’re boyfriends, but in the process of getting to know one another, they develop real feelings. Normally, people who are in love will date and nurture their feelings before eventually finding their happily ever after. The end.

That isn’t the case for Harrison, Camden, and Tristan, though. Harrison is a control freak who gets jealous easily. Camden is an insecure attention-seeker. Tristan is a clingy man with a pretty face, and he’s afraid of opening up to Harrison and Camden about his past relationships. Worst of all, the three may talk about a lot of things, but they don’t communicate properly when it comes to the truly important issues.

Will Harrison, Camden, and Tristan succeed in working things out before the problems and misunderstanding break them apart for good?


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