<i>An Otherworldly Love Box Set</i> by Casper Graham

An Otherworldly Love Box Set by Casper Graham

<i>An Otherworldly Love Box Set</i> by Casper Graham

OUT NOW! An Otherworldly Love Box Set by Casper Graham

A romantic relationship between humans is difficult enough, and it’s so much harder when one’s potential partner is an otherworldly being, but maybe it’s true what people say. Love conquers all. Follow the love journey of these men as they navigate their way through romantic and familial relationships, friendships, and everything else life throws their ways.

Contains the stories:

The Impossible: Galen Lykaios is a cupid and Dion Angelos owns a funeral home. They have a chance encounter during one of Galen’s assignment, and there’s a spark between them. However, trying to form a relationship while having to deal with an ancient demon who seems hell-bent on killing them is no easy feat.

The Crossroads Diner: Eric is a successful restaurateur, but he has a strained relationship with his family ever since he comes out of the closet, and he has yet to find the right romantic partner. Benjamin owns a mysterious diner with strange customers. He has secrets he doesn’t share with Eric even though their relationship has progressed from friendship to a romantic one. Maybe their relationship is doomed to fail.

The Necromancer and the Men Who Love Him: Calian is a necromancer. When he meets Gage Hawkins and Flynn Hamilton, he expects one passion-filled evening, but it turns into something deeper and more romantic. A necromancer’s trial is difficult and dangerous, though. If Calian makes it through and becomes a grim reaper, he can’t stay in the mortal realm. Maybe their romance is destined to die an early death.


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