<i>Ange et Demon</i> by Pelaam

Ange et Demon by Pelaam

<i>Ange et Demon</i> by Pelaam

OUT NOW! Ange et Demon by Pelaam

Book 1 in the Demonica series, in which a team of paranormal beings and humans guard the world from the forces of darkness.

Matteo, a human agent, is surprised to be partnered with the newest arrival — the demon Vilmos, who prefers to work alone. When Vilmos upsets Matteo, he incurs the wrath of Priel and Ull, the team’s powerful angel and demon pairing.

Priel and Ull consummate their love and Vilmos comes to care for Matteo, but no one realises dark and deadly forces are at work. Nor that Matteo is the key to the culmination of a long-planned revenge.

When the powerful Ciaran unleashes his attack, angel, demon, and human must risk all to fight him, and Vilmos needs to find a way to save a mortally wounded Matteo.


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