<i>Stage Fright</i> by Adam Carpenter

Stage Fright by Adam Carpenter

<i>Stage Fright</i> by Adam Carpenter

OUT NOW! Stage Fright by Adam Carpenter

All the world’s a stage, but Hell’s Kitchen private detective Jimmy McSwain learns life upon its wicked boards can be a killer.

The Harold Calloway Theatre on West 47th Street is home to the new play Triskaidekaphobia, and its playwright has been receiving threatening messages. Theatre owner and lead producer Wellington Calloway has hired Jimmy to investigate, but it’s a case not without its complications. His mother is the head usher, and Jimmy grew up on its aisles. His ex Remy is also the costume designer for the show, a man he hasn’t seen in years. Further making his life difficult is the mysterious Seetha Assan, who is connected — albeit tentatively — to the case that forever haunts Jimmy: his own father’s murder. She may just have the clue to help him finally solve the cold case.

As opening night looms, Jimmy finds himself involved in a nest of egos and personalities while seeking the missing Seetha. Toss in his on-again, off-again relationship with Captain Francis X. Frisano, and suddenly Jimmy’s life is edging toward tragedy. That’s when a murderer strikes, and suddenly nothing is pretend anymore. Life on the stage has turned all too real, and all too deadly. Just like on the mean streets of Manhattan.


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