<i>Little Gods</i> by Jay Mendell

Little Gods by Jay Mendell

<i>Little Gods</i> by Jay Mendell

OUT NOW! Little Gods by Jay Mendell

Khroma is a Paladin of an ancient religious order, fighting what feels like a never-ending war against the enemy that plagues his homeland. On the night of the final battle, he falls unconscious … only to wake up several thousand years in the future, with a splitting headache and a strange alien leaning over him.

Nahan claims to be part of a scouting party sent to investigate the abandoned planet, and is in search of any important cultural artifacts to present to his superiors. But there’s something suspicious about him, for all that he seems genuinely interested in learning about Khroma’s lost people, and he may have a secret agenda of his own.

With the world suddenly empty and crumbling around him and only one person he can possibly rely on, will Khroma come to terms with the true depths of his loss and travel with his unusual new companion towards the future?


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