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The Greatest Treasure by Pelaam

OUT NOW! The Greatest Treasure by Pelaam

Milo and Jonty have been friends since forever. But while Jonty concentrates on learning his craft as a witch with Milo’s grandfather, Milo himself feels crushed under the expectations of his parents.

He has a job he hates and a boyfriend, Leon, he comes to realize isn’t the man for him. But when his grandfather goes missing, Milo has more important matters than ditching Leon.

Jonty has loved Milo for as long as he can remember, but knows he’s only seen as the brother Milo never had. However, he’s willing to settle for friendship to keep Milo in his life.

When Milo’s grandfather sends a mysterious message for help, and telling Milo to come and claim his treasure, neither he nor Jonty hesitate to answer the call. But both Milo’s father and Leon insist on coming too.

Will Milo manage to claim the greatest treasure of all, or will Leon ensure it’s lost forever?


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Joshua and Blair by Pelaam

OUT NOW! Joshua and Blair by Pelaam

When a tsunami hits, Blair is forced to leave his home and his beloved cat behind. Returning to search for his pet, he hurts himself in the treacherous mud and debris the tsunami leaves in its wake.

When Joshua spots Blair struggling in a cordoned off area, he quickly finds himself not only Blair’s unofficial next of kin, but also the caretaker of Blair’s pets, feisty cat Whiskey and three dogs.

The unlikely friendship between the men slowly warms and becomes something much more. However, Blair isn’t being entirely honest with Joshua.

When an old flame of Joshua’s turns up on the doorstep, he makes it a personal mission to prove Blair has a hidden past. But delving into Blair’s past brings a more deadly danger than the tsunami.


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From a Trick to a Treat by Pelaam

OUT NOW! From a Trick to a Treat by Pelaam

When Harvey accompanies his sister-in-law and her children for trick or treat, his nephew makes sure he’s introduced to Castille, a man living alone in a big house nearby in whom Harvey is interested. There’s an instant chemistry between them and they agree to meet later, which is something very much out of character for the home-loving Harvey.

With his attraction to Castille burning through his veins, Harvey finds his normal, placid world is turned upside down. But when they go out together, he’s warned against Castille by a bartender. He chooses to trust Castille, but after a night together, Castille fails to contact Harvey the following day. Or the one after that.

Is the barman’s warning true, and Castille tricked Harvey? Or will Harvey be treated to a happy ever after?


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Time After Time by Pelaam

OUT NOW! Time After Time by Pelaam

Before the turn of the 19th century, Victorian England is once again beset by plague. Thoth prowls the streets to find the young couple he needs before returning to help his friend who lives outside of the city.

Lord Algernon and the people at his home think they are going to take refuge on the Moon to escape the ravages of plague. Thoth knows differently. He’s a time traveller with a mission, to enable the craft he’s helping Algernon build to reach Mars.

But that’s only the beginning. He’s seen into the future and knows that in a couple of centuries’ time, invaders will reach Mars. If successful there, the next target is Earth, and then his own homeworld.

Friends and allies will come from strange and different places and, after waiting time after time, the man Thoth already loves will be the one to wake him. If his resting place remains undisturbed.

For their future isn’t guaranteed.


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Purr-suasion by Pelaam

OUT NOW! Purr-suasion by Pelaam

Jamie is a self-confessed geek and likes nothing better than to be stretched on the beach, reading his books — unless it’s watching Trent, a handsome shifter and surfer, and the unrequited love of Jamie’s life.

When anonymous gifts are left on Jamie’s doorstep, he wishes they were from Trent, but there’s no clue to his mystery admirer.

Following a terrifying run-in with some of Trent’s gang, Jamie is heartbroken and convinced his crush set him up. But when danger strikes, Jamie needs to be a hero, using his own shifter ability.

With a little purr-suasion, Jamie can find all his dreams come true.


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