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Two’s Company, Three’s Naughtier by Pelaam

OUT NOW! Two’s Company, Three’s Naughtier by Pelaam

Brent and Kiran are a happily married couple, but both enjoy having a Daddy to take care of them now and then. On holiday, they meet the man of their dreams. John is everything they could want and more besides.

But when Kiran has an accident for which John blames himself, he vanishes from their lives. Brent is determined to give Kiran the best Christmas ever … by finding John.


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Tricked by Pelaam

OUT NOW! Tricked by Pelaam

When Tane is asked to a Halloween party by one of the men from the logging firm he works in, he’s anxious as well as thrilled. The man looks like the one of his dreams but, when the night comes around, he discovers he’s been cruelly tricked and ends up running for his life.

He finds refuge in a house at the edge of the forest and is strangely drawn to the beast of a man who lives there with his elderly brother. But appearances are deceiving, as Tane’s already found out. Can he live long enough to have a fairy-tale ending?


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The Guardian by Pelaam

OUT NOW! The Guardian by Pelaam

Summoned by an aunt he didn’t know he had, Edison Jones heads to a small Welsh village. He’s met by Gavril, the local blacksmith, and the men quickly become good friends. Gavril takes him to Mam Eira. Their kinship is real; she only asks for his presence and help.

Encouraged to work in the local copper mine, Edison meets Bleddyn, the man of his dreams. However, it isn’t long before he’s drawn into a web of mystery and magic where people are not always what they seem. Bleddyn is The Guardian of the mine, set there to watch over an ancient, and deadly, adversary.

When evil is unleashed, Bleddyn is taken prisoner and Edison must face an age-old evil and rescue the man he loves.


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Love Never Dies by Pelaam

OUT NOW! Love Never Dies by Pelaam

Brother and sister team Midnight and Aurora Pendragon have a successful airship business taking clients on trips to be photographed with their pet pterodactyl. The last thing they expect is to have one such trip hijacked by the dashing adventurer Voltaire Crevin and his right-hand man Trevilian Hawke.

While his sister and Voltaire repeatedly lock horns, Midnight finds himself increasingly drawn to Trevilian. Finally, Voltaire explains they are trying to prevent a weapon of mass destruction from falling into the hands of a ruthless, secret organization, the S.O.R.

With Midnight’s help, they take the airship down into an extinct volcano to find that not only does Atlantis still exist, but the weapon is in the hands of the few remaining Atlanteans. But if Voltaire had believed the S.O.R. were ruthless, it’s nothing compared to that of the Atlanteans who seek to return to the surface and rule the world using their ultimate weapon: The Leviathan.

Midnight’s feelings for Trevilian deepen as they seek a way to stop the Atlanteans and escape from Atlantis. Danger comes in many ways and takes many forms, each more deadly than the last. Can Midnight and Trevilian survive long enough to know whether love never dies?


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Save Your Kisses for Me by Pelaam

OUT NOW! Save Your Kisses for Me by Pelaam

When immovable object Scott meets irresistible force Jamie, sparks will fly.

Accepting his brother’s request to be the best man at his wedding, Scott meets his brother’s best friend Jamie, and the attraction between them is instant and unexpected. However, Jamie has a secret.

When Scott finds out what it is, he doesn’t feel he’s the right man for Jamie. But Jamie isn’t so easily deterred. He has his own unique way of dealing with Scott. He’s harbored feelings for Scott for far too long to give up now.

In a battle for love, will it be the immovable object or the irresistible force that wins?


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