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Samhain by Pelaam

OUT NOW! Samhain by Pelaam

Robert must care for his niece Aimee, who is unaware he’s a witch of light. Darkness seeks to use her against him. On Samhain, the forces of light and dark will clash. Who will be the victor?

Robert unexpectedly finds he has to care for a niece he hasn’t been allowed to see in over a decade. Aimee is unaware that he is a Witch of Light, or that he even has a male lover, Leander, who is also his familiar. As Samhain approaches, they have to find a way to complete their ritual while not revealing their true selves to Aimee.

Angry at being sent to stay with a man who hasn’t been in contact with her since she was a baby, Aimee is a target for the dark forces that seek to destroy Robert’s forest sanctuary.

On Samhain, darkness and light will clash. Who will emerge victorious?


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Bedazzled by Pelaam

OUT NOW! Bedazzled by Pelaam

On the space station Niteo, Jem still mourns the loss of his father while his stepfamily treats him like a servant. When he saves a stranger’s life, Jem’s world and that of his best friend Byron is turned upside down. Jem is bedazzled by the charming Prinz and Byron — who hides a secret of his own — by Herne, Prinz’s friend and colleague.

Byron and Herne collide in a tempestuous relationship, while Prinz gently courts Jem.

But Jem discovers Prinz is the son of a ruthless businessman who covets the family business, and he thinks Prinz is using their budding relationship for ulterior motives. Furthermore, when Herne investigates the disappearance or Jem’s father, something shocking is uncovered.

Will Herne find the truth in time to save Jem?


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Deception and Desire by Pelaam

OUT NOW! Deception and Desire by Pelaam

Nyles Weatherall is a successful businessman, but his family only see him as a source of income. Over time, he’s become friends with an Arabian king and, more importantly to Nyles, fallen in love with Jewel, a concubine in the king’s male harem.

King Kasim has problems of his own. His nephew Mirza is driving a wedge between him and his nomadic people, and challenging Haidar, Kasim’s son, for succession.

Jewel has secrets of his own, closely guarded by Kasim.

For Nyles and Jewel to fulfill their desire of being together, they will face betrayal and deception, and a challenge to the death.


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Made with Love by Pelaam

OUT NOW! Made with Love by Pelaam

Can a dessert heal a rift between lovers?

Foodie and wine merchant Jake thinks he’s found his ideal mate in chef Andreas.

But when Jake hosts a party and everyone thinks Andreas is nothing more than the catering supplier, Andreas is hurt and angry. Andreas walks away and Jake initially refuses to go after him. By the time he does, it’s too late — or is it?

Can a dessert bring the two men back together and heal the rift?


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Tales from the Sea Vixen by Pelaam

OUT NOW! Tales from the Sea Vixen by Pelaam

The Sea Vixen carries a team that helps to protect the world from attacks from dark forces. Answering a distress call, a small team is sent to investigate; the team includes the Vixen‘s captain, Phil, their arcane expert Armand, Frank, and Nathan.

Frank and Nathan are an established couple, but Nathan draws the attention of a newly freed demon. When the demon takes Nathan, the team races against time to save him, body and soul. Frank will fight a demon from hell to protect the man he loves.


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