<i>The Tailor</i> by Kassandra Lea

The Tailor by Kassandra Lea

<i>The Tailor</i> by Kassandra Lea

OUT NOW! The Tailor by Kassandra Lea

Bartholomew Jay Westwood, or simply Jay, is a suit fanatic. They’re easily his one indulgence. He owns one in every color, which makes it nearly impossible to pick one for an upcoming holiday party. The only one that seems suitable is white, and he originally bought it for a Halloween costume three years ago. But he can’t quite bring himself to wear it and settles for another number from his vast collection.

Unfortunately, tragedy strikes after he stops to pick up a last-minute gift. But the incident takes place outside his favorite suit shop, The Well-Dressed Man, and waiting inside is none other than expert tailor Walden Conway. He might have just the thing Jay needs, and it may be more than a suit.


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