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Desolate by Kassandra Lea

OUT NOW! Desolate by Kassandra Lea

Westley Roberts is supposed to be preparing for an important upcoming horseshow. As a means to distract him and help keep his nerves on an even keel, Westley’s boyfriend Nicolaj takes him urban exploring at a rundown asylum. While there, an unhappy spirit makes contact with Westley, who has always been able to communicate with the deceased.

Before either of them know, Westley is targeted by the ghost. Nicolaj is unsure of how to fight the dark figure he can’t see, but knows he has to find the right banishment spell or it could mean the end of his boyfriend.


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The Music Box by Kassandra Lea

OUT NOW! The Music Box by Kassandra Lea

For most people, December is all about Christmas, but not for Alvin. He’s always been far more into the lesser celebrated St. Nick’s Day, and he loves trying to plan the perfect gift for his beloved Milo. This year he may have very well outdone himself. Little does he know, though, that Milo has something extra special planned.

It’s been a bumpy year and, while the holidays are just around the corner, Milo has been working on his gift for Alvin for months now. He can’t wait to give Alvin the token of his love.


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#DogMom by Kassandra Lea

OUT NOW! #DogMom by Kassandra Lea

Scrolling through the posts of a local dog owners group, Allie Karlin comes across a plea. A woman how lost her beloved pooch a few months back is hoping some kind soul is willing to share their dog to help her see if she’s ready to welcome a new pup into her life. Allie suspects her sweet Checkers is perfect for the job.

Sage Arrows still feels the familiar sting of losing Bixby, but she thinks she might be ready to move on. When she meets Allie and her mutt Checkers, the trio become fast friends. Their get-togethers are meant to heal Sage’s broken heart, and to some extent, that’s exactly what’s happening. Only it seems there’s more than the love of dogs between the two.


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Guest post by Kassandra Lea

Let me start off by saying I never intended to write gay romance. I’ve always been more of an urban fantasy type of girl. But between watching my friend RJ be judged for his relationship and stumbling upon slash fanfiction, well, here I am now. That’s where I got my start, shipping some of my favorite characters from TV shows like Psych, CSI Miami, and House.

Even then, I tended to avoid the naughtier scenes that would bridge the gap between sweet to steamy. Though I’ve written a few erotic pieces over the years (and greatly enjoy my little visits with Flynn and Samuel!) I find I’m more interested in stories involving a deeper emotional aspect to the relationship.

And it wasn’t until I discovered the term asexual that pieces began to fall into place. My teen years were spent reading every book I could get from the library, writing whatever popped into my head, playing video games, hanging with my older brother and his friend, and down at the stable. Chasing boys was the farthest thing from my mind. Not being interested in women, I often wondered where exactly I stood.

What was wrong with me?

While I search for that special connection most people want, there are certain aspects to relationships that aren’t overly important to me. Discovering asexuality and graysexuality opened my eyes. I finally found people like me! But the more I’ve delved into this community, I have found the same concern voiced over and over again; where’s our representation? In recent years, any aspect of asexuality that’s popped up in pop culture is usually erased by the character suddenly falling in to a relationship or their asexuality is written off as a choice of celibacy. And unfortunately, that’s the lighter side of what asexuals, graysexuals, and even aromantics have faced.

There are even those in the LGBTQA+ (by the way, notice the ‘A’? Guess what it stands for!) that say we don’t belong. I’ve struggled to explain to guys what it means to be ace and it seems hard for them to wrap their head around. Mostly because nobody discusses it.

Therefore I’ve subtly shifted my focus and the voice of my characters. I want to write characters like new. I want to read about people who experience love the way I do. Because I never had that in my formative years. So maybe I never set out to write romance (why do we have to call it gay or queer romance, isn’t love just love?), but maybe this is where I’ve always meant to be and I’m perfectly fine with it.

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The Tailor by Kassandra Lea

OUT NOW! The Tailor by Kassandra Lea

Bartholomew Jay Westwood, or simply Jay, is a suit fanatic. They’re easily his one indulgence. He owns one in every color, which makes it nearly impossible to pick one for an upcoming holiday party. The only one that seems suitable is white, and he originally bought it for a Halloween costume three years ago. But he can’t quite bring himself to wear it and settles for another number from his vast collection.

Unfortunately, tragedy strikes after he stops to pick up a last-minute gift. But the incident takes place outside his favorite suit shop, The Well-Dressed Man, and waiting inside is none other than expert tailor Walden Conway. He might have just the thing Jay needs, and it may be more than a suit.


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