<i>The Gift of Gold</i> by Eve Morton

The Gift of Gold by Eve Morton

<i>The Gift of Gold</i> by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! The Gift of Gold by Eve Morton

Gideon’s father’s a liar and a gambler, which means Gideon must pay for his mistakes. He’s done it in the past, and he’ll do it in the future. This instance with the King should be no different.

But when Gideon’s father claims his son can spin straw into gold, Gideon is captured and forced into a locked room filled with a substance that only makes him sneeze and his eyes water. The King’s men intimidate him and the King demands perfection. Gideon knows nothing of magic, so what will become of him?

Just as Gideon believes his life is over, a small man shows up and offers Gideon a lesson in the gift of gold. The price for this lesson is quite simple, though carnal. Will Gideon agree? Or will his pride stop him from saving his own life?


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