<i>The Cabin</i> by Edward Kendrick

The Cabin by Edward Kendrick

<i>The Cabin</i> by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! The Cabin by Edward Kendrick

After the murder of his fiancĂ© Paul during an armed robbery, Jamie tries to move on with his life while grieving his loss. As a part of that, he goes to the remote cabin in the mountains he and Paul had restored to be their getaway. He plans on using it to hide away from the world — forever, if necessary.

What he doesn’t plan on is making a new friend of the canid kind. A wolf-dog he names Lycus that he thinks is either a stray or a runaway. Lycus comes and goes as the spirit moves, showing up when Jamie needs his company and then vanishing again.

Jamie also didn’t plan on the three humans who come into his life. One is Glen, who says he lives in the area and often hunts in the mountain forests. The other two claim to be game wardens searching for a feral wolf — whose description matches Lycus. Jamie doubts it’s the truth, knowing how tame Lycus seems to be.

Despite the fact that he’s never seen Lycus, Glen offers to help prove the men are lying. Will they be able to save Lycus from being captured while bonding in a way that might, if Jamie’s ready, become more than just friendship?


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