<i>Reckless Abandon</i> by Fredrick Flynn

Reckless Abandon by Fredrick Flynn

<i>Reckless Abandon</i> by Fredrick Flynn

OUT NOW! Reckless Abandon by Fredrick Flynn

With Valentine’s Day approaching, Oliver is determined to find a date so he won’t have to spend the holiday alone. The only problem is that, so far, he’s had zero luck. He’s also been pining over his Alpha neighbour for a long time, but he has seen him courting an Omega and knows there is no chance of them being together.

When the Alpha’s profile comes up in a dating website and they are matched, Oliver is determined to figure out why the Alpha is cheating on his Omega and makes a plan to expose his lies. After they agree on having a first date, Oliver is mortified to discover Sebastian is single and the Omega he was with is his brother.

Sebastian is not deterred by the misunderstanding and proposes they go on another date. Oliver, a romantic at heart, readily agrees, but is now completely terrified of making another mistake. He doesn’t want to ruin any chances they might have of working out before Valentine’s Day.

As they begin to learn more about each other and the holiday approaches, they must trust each other to navigate through their insecurities. Will they be able to sort themselves out in time for Valentine’s?


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