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Quint and Clay Art Crimes Box Set by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! Quint and Clay Art Crimes Box Set by Edward Kendrick

This M/M romance box set by best-selling author Edward Kendrick includes five interconnected stories of crimes in the art world. Contains the stories:

The Element Case: Can Clay, an artist, and Quint, a homicide detective, determine who is murdering the subjects of Clay’s Element paintings? As they search for the killer, they’re attracted to each other, but it can’t become more if the killer eliminates Clay.

It Takes an Artist: When Trev is framed for murder, he needs the help of his new friend Doctor Zack Kendall and Detective Hawk to catch the villains. Can Trev and Zack’s mutual attraction survive attempts to take them out of the picture … permanently?

It Takes a Forger: Despite their instant antipathy, Lou Hernandez and Rory Kinley must work together to stop an art forger. They eventually learn to trust each other, but will their growing attachment survive what’s to come — or be destroyed in the process?

It Takes an Archaeologist: Much against his better judgment, Gideon has agreed to help archaeologist Cole Newell find the looters of a dig Cole worked. In the process, Cole forces Gideon to face what happened in his past that made him unwilling to have any kind of personal life. When he does, will Gideon finally be able to find love again?

It Takes a Photographer: While taking photos of Clay and Quint and their newly adopted son, Olivia captures what appears to be a murder. Is it really what it seems? Lou and Quint decide to investigate, with the help of Rory and Gideon Monahan.


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A Town, a Disappearance, and a Cat by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! A Town, a Disappearance, and a Cat by Edward Kendrick

My name is Shaun Marlow and I write mysteries. When I inherited my grandfather’s house, a couple of miles from the town of Winterdale, I packed up and moved into it. I wanted the serenity of small town life and chance to fully involve myself in my writing without the distractions of city living. Little did I know that wasn’t going to happen.

Within a few days of the move I met three men, all gay but then so am I, and we became friends. I had no expectations of more because I find relationships almost impossible to maintain — my fault, I know, but it is what it is.

I also met a stray cat. I named him Laird after he decided I was going to be his person. If it wasn’t for him things might have turned out quite differently in my new life.

Then there was the disappearance, and ultimate murder, of Norma Willows, the town gossip and flirt. I became involved because she came on to me more than once. Lucky me? One of my new friends was the sheriff, Alan Quinn, who didn’t really object when I stuck my nose into the case, once he decided I hadn’t killed her.

Last but not least, I managed to obtain a stalker, much to my and Alan’s dismay.

Yes, my new life was definitely turning out to be much more interesting than I’d expected.


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Darik Wilson, Ghost Talker by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! Darik Wilson, Ghost Talker by Edward Kendrick

Darik Wilson was normal young man in college until the day he stumbled across a man’s body in a local park. When he touched it, the man’s ghost appeared. It scared the hell out of Darik as the ghost of Cornell Albright begged him to find his murderer. He was the thirteenth victim of the serial killer dubbed as X for the way he laid out his victims. Cornell told Darik what little he recalled about his killer, which Darik passed on to Detective Lang, who believed in the paranormal. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to find X, who ceased his murderous spree after Cornell’s death. Cornell stayed around, unable to move on because X was never caught.

Ten years later, X reappears. Darik is on the scene when the third of his victims is discovered, and with Cornell’s help he is able to talk to Morris and relay what he learns to Detective Lang. Now, Darik has two ghosts to contend with. At the same time, he meets Steve Grainger while out jogging. When Steve comes to Darik’s costume shop to rent a costume they strike up a tentative friendship, planning to run together at a park the following Sunday morning.

Things don’t go quite as they expected when X strikes again, killing a man who, in the early morning light might have been mistaken for Steve. Darik and Steve are there when a woman finds the body, at which point Steve discovers he, too, has the ability to see ghosts.

Now, the problem becomes, was Steve the intended victim? If so, will they be able to find and stop X, with the help of the three ghosts, before he strikes again?


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Regaining His Trust by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! Regaining His Trust by Edward Kendrick

When Jake Evans almost dies due to Dan Rogers’ showboating during an undercover operation, he loses any trust he had in the man who had been his partner both on jobs for the Firm and in their personal life. Once he’s healed, he quits the Firm and opens a private investigation agency.

The two men are thrown together when Fairfax, Dan’s superior at the Firm, brings Jake in to help stop a child trafficking ring. The mission might be successfully completed but the tension between the two men still remains.

Dan needs to convince Jake there was a reason behind what he did, beyond stopping the gang they were after. The problem is, he has to make Jake listen to him and believe what he says, because even after a year apart he still loves Jake. With that in mind, he follows when Jake goes out of town in search of a missing young man.

Will Dan succeed, or is Jake’s trust in him irrevocably broken?


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An Honorable Thief by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! An Honorable Thief by Edward Kendrick

Ash Logan is a freelance computer consultant … and a professional thief. A thief with honor, he believes, as he only retrieves items that have been stole from someone, returning them to the original owners.

He is also a loner, almost a prerequisite all things considered. He has second thoughts about that when he meets Mark Goode and they become friends with benefits. When Mark figures out Ash is a thief, he claims to be one as well. After some consideration, Ash agrees to take him along on his next job — retrieving a stolen statuette.

When Mark betrays him by taking the statuette from him at gun point, Ash vows to get even. It will take all his skills as both a computer expert and a thief, but he has time and incentive, especially when he finds out who Mark really is — Pete Dixon.

What happens next is complicated and may change both their lives, if they can survive a crooked art collector who wants Pete dead.


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