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Return to Blackmont Ridge by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! Return to Blackmont Ridge by Edward Kendrick

His name is Cailean and he’s a wolf shifter. However, he believes he is Tom Clayton, a popular author of mystery and paranormal books.

One night he meets Gib, a seemingly homeless man, and offers him shelter in the lobby of his condo building. Gib takes advantage of that to visit Tom and tell him its time for him to come home, his real home. Baffled, because his condo is his home, Tom angrily tells Gib to leave, which he does, suggesting he consider two things — Cailean and Blackmont.

Then, Tom has a dream about a shifter called Cailean who is banished from his pack for being a deviant. Gib is also in the dream, only his name is Gerulf.

Gerulf, still posing as Gib, returns to talk with Tom and is able to convince him the dream is in fact a memory of his earlier life resurfacing, that his true name is indeed Cailean, and that they had been lovers before his banishment, twelve years previously. It will take more than that, however, to awaken all of Cailean’s memories. First, he must return to the pack’s village at Blackmont Ridge to meet his father, the Alpha of the pack.

What ensues might change Cailean and Gerulf’s lives forever — if they survive.

NOTE: Story contains talk of rape and incest.


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The Cabin by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! The Cabin by Edward Kendrick

After the murder of his fiancĂ© Paul during an armed robbery, Jamie tries to move on with his life while grieving his loss. As a part of that, he goes to the remote cabin in the mountains he and Paul had restored to be their getaway. He plans on using it to hide away from the world — forever, if necessary.

What he doesn’t plan on is making a new friend of the canid kind. A wolf-dog he names Lycus that he thinks is either a stray or a runaway. Lycus comes and goes as the spirit moves, showing up when Jamie needs his company and then vanishing again.

Jamie also didn’t plan on the three humans who come into his life. One is Glen, who says he lives in the area and often hunts in the mountain forests. The other two claim to be game wardens searching for a feral wolf — whose description matches Lycus. Jamie doubts it’s the truth, knowing how tame Lycus seems to be.

Despite the fact that he’s never seen Lycus, Glen offers to help prove the men are lying. Will they be able to save Lycus from being captured while bonding in a way that might, if Jamie’s ready, become more than just friendship?


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Sanctuary by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! Sanctuary by Edward Kendrick

Gale’s sister Audra comes to him seeking refuge from her abusive husband Hank. With the help of Cal and Gale’s other friends at The Three Bs club, they come up with a plan to keep her safe. In the process, Gale starts to realize he might be more interested in Cal than in the detective Cal had tried to push at him.

Then Hank shows up in town and confronts Gale at his apartment building. A fight ensues, ending with both men battered and bruised before Hank flees. Things might have ended there if Hank’s body hadn’t been discovered in an alley not far from the building.

With Gale as the obvious suspect in the murder, Cal does his best to prove otherwise, needing to help the man he’s begun to care about beyond friendship. Can they find the real killer while coming to grips with their growing personal interest in each other?


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The Family Martell by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! The Family Martell by Edward Kendrick

Dorian and Cecily had been alive for several centuries, and married for well over one-hundred years. When they decided they wanted a family, they did what any sensible vampires would and adopted three human children. They waited until each was old enough to understand before revealing what they were, and then gave them the choice to be turned once they were twenty-one.

Of course, being sensible children, they each agreed they wanted to become vampires as well. Griff, the oldest, is unrepentantly gay. Margie, the middle child, is straight and involved with Wayne, a human. Brad is the youngest and definitely bi.

All three joined the family business, art thievery, which is how Griff met Nolan, his parents’ human partner, and quickly fell in lust with him.

Soon after his turning, Brad meets another Fledgling vampire, Ewan, and Ewan’s very possessive Sire, Alexia. This causes problems on more than one front. Problems it will take the entire Martell family to solve … or so they hope.


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The Seventh Sons by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! The Seventh Sons by Edward Kendrick

On his twenty-first birthday, Andre discovers something both amazing and terrifying. As the seventh son of a seventh son, he is now a werewolf. One of the relatively few in the world. If it hadn’t been for Mario, who was also a seventh son werewolf, being there for his first shift, Andre doesn’t know how he could have handled it.

Now he has to tell Donal, the man he loves with all his heart, what he has become. It won’t be easy, but he hopes his long-time lover will be able to accept it — and him — when he learns the truth.

Much against his will, Mario is left to watch over Andre until he gets a handle his new life. The only saving grace? He can spend his time at the same PI agency where Donal works. When they get a new case, Mario has no idea it will change his life forever … if he lets it happen.


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