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Of a Harsh Winter by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! Of a Harsh Winter by Edward Kendrick

Qildor, a crossbreed shunned for not being fully elf or shifter, is resigned to his lonely existence high in Felhone’s mountains. Then a harsh winter and the destruction of the oaks and his waterfall convince him he must warn King Cerdic that something is very wrong in the kingdom.

Pilore, a nature mage, believes him and with the help of Cerdic’s husband Tony, and Alpha shifter Folen, they attempt to discover what or who is causing the problem. What Pilore learns leads him to believe that a powerful wizard is responsible, bent on bringing an end to life as they know it.

As they and others work to stop the wizard, Pilore does his best to convince Qildor to believe in himself and his worth. They form a bond based on mutual attraction, but will they be able to take it beyond that — and will they even get the chance when they are forced to deal face-to-face with the wizard and his minions?


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Of the New World by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! Of the New World by Edward Kendrick

Shifter Tony and King Cerdic are back and dealing with their upcoming nuptials, with all the attendant stress. But eventually they are wed and life seems to settle down for them.

Then a new problem crops up. Highwaymen are robbing wealthy lords. Tony and his brother-in-law, the mage Leofric come up with a plan to stop them, and then manage to convince Cerdic to let them do it, despite the fact it is possible there is more to the robberies than meets the eye. There is, and Tony and Leofric must deal with Jandar, an insane mage who wants to capture Tony for reasons of his own.

In the process, Tony learns why Leofric has given up on finding someone to love. Will Tony be able to change that? It depends on whether both he and Leofric survive their confrontation with Jandar.


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Of Another World by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! Of Another World by Edward Kendrick

A storm at sea leaves shifters Tony and his brother Daniel castaways on an unknown island. They soon discover they much farther from home than they imagined when they meet Brion, the elven mayor of the town of Rerenlion. They also learn all the island’s shifters have been magically imprisoned in Stronghold for crimes against the populace. Brion tells them the only way they can return to their own world is with the help of King Cerdic, and gives them a letter of introduction, as well as one for safe passage to the capital.

The safe passage serves them well when they cross paths with elves who hate or distrust them for what they are. When they eventually meet the king, Tony and Cerdic are drawn to each despite the fact that Tony refuses to believe the island’s shifters are guilty of the crimes that landed them in Stronghold. He offers to prove they were framed by having Cerdic send him to Stronghold as a spy from another world.

Will Tony be able to prove his theory and survive in the process? Will the shifter and the elf act on their mutual attraction in spite of their differences?


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Kent and the Dangerous Man by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! Kent and the Dangerous Man by Edward Kendrick

Their first meeting is fraught with tension when Jordan, ex-cop and self-employed bodyguard, accuses Kent of following him. He believes Kent could be going after his present client. Kent takes umbrage with that, since the only reason he’s ever been in the same area as Jordan was while picking his sister Kelly up from work.

They meet again, when Jordan approaches Kent to apologize for his accusations, and they part on marginally amiable terms.

Then Kelly disappears, and Kent is certain the man she’s been dating is responsible. A man he’s never met. With no proof he can take to the police, he asks Jordan to find her. Because her disappearance eerily echoes that of the unsolved case which caused Jordan to quit the force, he agrees to look for her.

Now all they have to do is locate Kelly, alive, while fighting their slowly growing interest in each other.


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The House by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! The House by Edward Kendrick

Recently divorced and retired, Neil moves to a new house that needs a great deal of work to make it truly a home. When Marshall, his neighbor, offers a helping hand, a friendship develops between them, aided by Marshall’s two dogs and Neil’s stray cat.

That Marshall is gay and thinks Neil is straight could keep them just friends, despite Marshall’s developing interest in Neil.

Then a shocking discovery beneath a trapdoor, and Pattie, a sweet, meddling neighbor, change everything. As they try to solve the mystery of the bones, the question becomes, can Pattie convince Neil to reveal his growing feelings for Marshall? Or will he deny them and lose Marshall in the process?


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