<i>The Blue Door</i> by Carol Holland March

The Blue Door by Carol Holland March

<i>The Blue Door</i> by Carol Holland March

OUT NOW! The Blue Door by Carol Holland March

The youngest child of a poor peasant family, Delia must marry or find a position as a servant in the nearby town to help her aging parents. She is loathe to relinquish her freedom, and has refused many suitors, when the duke of the land expresses interest in her. Maltric has lost four previous wives in mysterious circumstances. No one knows what happened at the castle, and many fear black magic is loose in the land. Delia is wary of Maltric’s attentions, but cannot refuse to meet him when he sends a message announcing his arrival.

At night Delia dreams of her perfect lover, a beautiful green-eyed woman named Atishi who knows everything about her and offers her sensual pleasure more exquisite than anything she has experienced in her waking life. She begs to stay with her dream-lover. When Atisha tells Delia they can be reunited in flesh if she finds the blue door in the duke’s castle, Delia agrees to the courtship with the duke.

Married and the mistress of an enormous castle, Delia searches for the blue door and finally locates it in an unused hallway tucked away on the top floor. Inside, she finds Atishi waiting for her under a gigantic oak tree in the land of Elysa. Delia must renounce her family and her world.

When the duke finds out, he accuses Delia of witchcraft and forbids her to use the door again. Time is running out before the passageway to Elysa closes. Torn between her love for Atishi and her family, fearful of her life if she stays with the duke, and fearing black magic pervades the castle, Delia must decide what she is willing to sacrifice for love.


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