<i>Smarty Pants</i> by Eve Morton

Smarty Pants by Eve Morton

<i>Smarty Pants</i> by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Smarty Pants by Eve Morton

Katerine “Kit” Tanner has survived a year without her mother. With her sister, Rae’s help, she tries to move on with her life. She goes back to school; she moves into a new apartment building; and she meets a fantastic woman named Hailee Quinn who is part of a queer improv group on campus. When Hailee invites Kit along for some fast laughs, it should be an easy decision to change her life and open her heart again.

The problem? Hailee is a bit too much for Kit. Tall, loud, and smart as a whip, Hailee Quinn has is a smarty pants extraordinaire — but she comes by it honestly. A childhood stutter, plus her bisexuality, means she spends a lot of time feeling erased. Now she’s determined to not let that happen ever again.

Can both of these strong, hard-headed women put their past behind them and fall in love? Or will they only be able to share jokes — and bad ones, at that — while their friends’ lives bloom around them?


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