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Balancing Need by L.J. Hamlin

OUT NOW! Balancing Need by L.J. Hamlin

Bethany Roe knows she’s thought of as bossy and often a bitch. She’s a disability activist and is used to being in control, which is why her partners often have a hard time picturing her as a submissive in the bedroom.

Then she meets Krissy through an online fetish website.

Can her new play partner fill the ache in her soul? Will Bethany be able to balance her need to submit with her body’s need for release?


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Tales of the Fae by L.J. Hamlin

OUT NOW! Tales of the Fae by L.J. Hamlin

A trio of tales about magic, faeries, and women falling in love.

Hearts in Motion is the tale of a shy yeti shifter who prefers to keep to herself, and the faerie artist who coaxes her out.

Ode to the Forest Fae is about a forest faerie who’s woken up by a song, and intrigued by the stuttering girl singing it.

The Fae by the Lake tells about a photographer who takes a tumble into a lake, and the intriguing creature who saves her life.


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Taking Risks by L.J. Hamlin

OUT NOW! Taking Risks by L.J. Hamlin

Two lesbian fantasy romance stories by L.J. Hamlin.

Take a Chance: In a desperate bid to get the life — and the girl — she’s always wanted, Lynn confesses all her secrets to her disapproving parents, hoping desperately that she’ll land on her feet.

Icy Reception: Annabel has no love for ice skating, after a childhood accident left her scared and scarred. But when she finally has to get back on her skates, who better than her crush to ask for help?


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Solstice Dance by L.J. Hamlin

OUT NOW! Solstice Dance by L.J. Hamlin

Years ago, Daniel fell in love with his best friend, only to be left devastated when that friend abruptly left, never to be seen again. Since then, Daniel has built up a quiet life he dearly loves, working as a veterinarian and spending free time with his coven.

When he arrives to celebrate Solstice, however, he learns Michael is moving back home. Though he can’t deny his broken heart still belongs to Michael, Daniel isn’t eager to see what he’ll do if offered it a second time.

But is it even up to him?


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Shadow Tales by L.J. Hamlin

OUT NOW! Shadow Tales by L.J. Hamlin

A collection of tales from L.J. Hamlin that go bump in the night. Contains the stories:

Adventures of a Yeti Hunter: Joel is hunting for yetis when a snowstorm separates him from his team. He stumbles across a cabin occupied by Tommy, a wildlife photographer. But inclement weather and an attractive rescuer aren’t the only surprises in the woods.

Cat Scratch Fever: All bear shifter Travis wants is to get laid, to ease the hunger and ache that always comes with the Harvest moon. But his night takes an unexpected turn whena sorely-missed figure from his past appears in the last place Travis expected to see him.

I’m a Ferocious Mouse: All Quin wants to do is enjoy a few beers and flirt with the cute server for a couple of hours. His evening plans are quickly ruined, however, by some homophobic lion shifters who don’t approve of one of their own being gay.

Paw Print on My Skin: Zack is a werewolf and a tattoo artist at an exclusive tattoo parlour that caters to shapeshifters. He works with lots of interesting people, but no one quite takes his interest like new customer Tobias.

Spirit Wolf: When famous mystery writer and panther shifter, Dawson, suffers from writer’s block, his agent thinks getting back to nature will help. The moment he enters the cabin in the forest though, Dawson feels watched.


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