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Cozy by L.J. Hamlin

OUT NOW! Cozy by L.J. Hamlin

Domme Marie is dressed to play at the beginning of a long weekend. Her sub Kate can’t wait, either. She’s been looking forward to this weekend for ages.

But Kate suffers from severe arthritis and is a chronic pain patient. In the past, her medical condition has often been the cause of failed relationships. How will strong and confident Maria handle Kate’s condition? Can they overcome this obstacle in their otherwise perfect world?


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Velvet Claw by L.J. Hamlin

OUT NOW! Velvet Claw by L.J. Hamlin

Researching and finding cures for illnesses is what Dr. Evan Kidd is passionate about. When he’s asked to help determine what’s making the children of Felis Forest sick, he can’t resist the mystery or children in need. Evan accepts, and even understands, why Rene has to follow him around town. It’s not every day a human is allowed in the “cat people only” town. But being attracted to someone who doesn’t seem to trust him, much less like him, brings back painful reminders of his past.

Rene has plenty of his own baggage, and having to shadow a human — who happens to be a doctor — isn’t helping. Evan challenges all Rene’s carefully crafted defenses and makes him dream of a life out of the shadows. If they can survive all the obstacles while uncovering the truth, they might just discover they aren’t so different after all.


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Rise Again by L.J. Hamlin

OUT NOW! Rise Again by L.J. Hamlin

Arkady has dedicated his life to the world of ballet. He is known as the bad boy of the dance world, and is an ever rising star.

Then he gets injured in what is at first thought to be a tragic accident but turns out to be so much worse. He’s lost ballet, and his life feels unbalanced.

A friendship with his no-nonsense physical therapist starts him on a new path. He has her friendship, a more honest relationship with his parents, his beloved dog Lou and, for the first time, maybe love in the form of an artist with a disability of his own.

But the past isn’t done with him yet.


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Pale Light by L.J. Hamlin

OUT NOW! Pale Light by L.J. Hamlin

Elijah has been hunting supernatural creatures his whole life often alongside his father Joshua, who trained him from birth. When Elijah was a young teen, he and his father met Jayden, a young werewolf whose family had been slaughtered. They took him in, and he has worked with them ever since.

When a case requires Elijah to work not only with his father and the werewolf he is secretly in love with but with his part-time lover Chogan, Elijah knows things are likely to get complicated, but he has no idea what is to come.

The town is under attack from a brutal killer, and Elijah is finding it harder than ever to hide his true feelings. Is he the only one?


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Dark Visions by L.J. Hamlin

OUT NOW! Dark Visions by L.J. Hamlin

Sequel to Blood Visions

Ronan and Dustin have been together for a busy year, working cases together as part of the detective agency Ronan set up to deal with paranormal cases law enforcement doesn’t want to — or can’t — handle.

A new case takes them to New Orleans. It seems simple at first, so the duo plan to treat the trip as their first vacation together. But when dealing with the paranormal, things are rarely as straightforward as they might appear.

The swamp holds something dark, and it has set its sights on them.


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