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Publicity! by Edwin Betancourt Jr.

OUT NOW! Publicity! by Edwin Betancourt Jr.

Hollywood is an industry many people yearn to be a part of. The glamor, beauty and fame is as alluring as a siren’s song. But that’s old Hollywood! What about Hollywood 2.0? Now that’s an even better deal.

My name is Cassian Solis and I am a Hollywood fixer. That means I’m the one celebrities call whenever their reputations and careers are about to be ruined by a scandal. Whether it’s getting rid of a blackmailer, Photoshopping an offensive photo, faking a Hollywood romance, or burying bodies or secrets, I come in ready to save the day and their careers! With the help of my trusty assistant Tony Cruz, we make sure these elites don’t lose followers, future gigs, and roles or money.

But things get crazier than usual when someone puts a five million dollar bounty on my head. With my life on the line, and the list of enemies growing longer with every breath I take, it’s up to me to not only figure out who wants me dead but also save my clients from religious cults, blackmailers, and murder charges. Of course, it doesn’t help that my ex-husband decides to come back in town with an agenda.

You thought your life was crazy? Welcome to mine! The question is, will I survive it?


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Kent and Lane by Edwin Betancourt, Jr.

OUT NOW! Kent and Lane by Edwin Betancourt, Jr.

After losing Columnist of the Year, Luca visits his favorite bar to drink the night away but runs into his former best friend, rival advice columnist Colton Kent. After a brief confrontation that leads to a passionate and physical exchange in the men’s bathroom, Luca invites Colton back to his apartment.

With the arrival of Hurricane Poppy, Colton spends the night at Luca’s place. One thing leads to another, and they hook up. Colton blurts out the L word, and Luca admits the same.

The next day, Colton isn’t able to leave due to the hurricane’s landfall so the two decide to play 21 Questions to delve into their real feelings. Were the words just said in the heat of the moment? Or do they truly love each other?


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Red the Witch by Edwin Betancourt Jr.

OUT NOW! Red the Witch by Edwin Betancourt Jr.

Mortals have told fairy tales all throughout their lives to children as a means to get them to fall asleep. To them, these stories are nothing more than entertainment with life lessons to be taught. But to the Enchanted and Magic Beings, these stories are their truths.

Judias Romero is known throughout the Enchanted Realm as Red Riding Hood. After divorcing his husband, Prince Maceo Charming, Judias decides to leave his home and live in the Mortal Realm, starting a new life as a private investigator.

Three years later his former mentor Athena is murdered and every spell she casted throughout her life is broken, wreaking havoc in both the Enchanted and Magic Realms. Enchantress Morgan le Fay seeks out Judias to inform him how special he truly is to both Realms and how only his magic can save Happily Ever Afters.

However, when four students turn up missing at Magik School, and the prime suspect is an urban legend, it’s up to Judias to find the students, vanquish the suspect, and fix Athena’s mess. Then Prince Charming renters Judias’ life, and the Witch soon finds out how complicated true love can really be. Will Judias ever catch a break?


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