<i>Red the Witch</i> by Edwin Betancourt Jr.

Red the Witch by Edwin Betancourt Jr.

<i>Red the Witch</i> by Edwin Betancourt Jr.

OUT NOW! Red the Witch by Edwin Betancourt Jr.

Mortals have told fairy tales all throughout their lives to children as a means to get them to fall asleep. To them, these stories are nothing more than entertainment with life lessons to be taught. But to the Enchanted and Magic Beings, these stories are their truths.

Judias Romero is known throughout the Enchanted Realm as Red Riding Hood. After divorcing his husband, Prince Maceo Charming, Judias decides to leave his home and live in the Mortal Realm, starting a new life as a private investigator.

Three years later his former mentor Athena is murdered and every spell she casted throughout her life is broken, wreaking havoc in both the Enchanted and Magic Realms. Enchantress Morgan le Fay seeks out Judias to inform him how special he truly is to both Realms and how only his magic can save Happily Ever Afters.

However, when four students turn up missing at Magik School, and the prime suspect is an urban legend, it’s up to Judias to find the students, vanquish the suspect, and fix Athena’s mess. Then Prince Charming renters Judias’ life, and the Witch soon finds out how complicated true love can really be. Will Judias ever catch a break?


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