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False Justice by Adam Carpenter

OUT NOW! False Justice by Adam Carpenter

Jimmy McSwain has to meet a man named Alexander Cort, a real-estate agent with a story to tell about an old set of friends, dating back to his childhood in Hell’s Kitchen. The friends called themselves the Four Kitcheneers, bonding together over their own ambitions and memories. On graduation night, one of the four disappeared and the other three engaged in a cover-up. Or maybe not.

The question of what happened to Silas Clayton lingers fourteen years later. As Jimmy begins his investigation of what happened that fateful night, he also tries to put the final nail in the casket of his previous case, one that ended with Captain Francis X. Frisano arresting him for killing Mr. Wu-Tin.

These pieces comprise a puzzle Jimmy just can’t seem to solve. Until two bodies are found at the construction site across the avenue from where he grew up. Suddenly Hell’s Kitchen’s shadows are being exposed to a blinding sun of truth.


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Suspicious Truths by Adam Carpenter

OUT NOW! Suspicious Truths by Adam Carpenter

Sequel to Sinister Motives

In Cane’s Inlet, located on a barrier peninsula along the Jersey Shore, the lucrative summer season is just two weeks away, with Hatcher’s Resort its most-desired attraction, including the newly opened Medusa Lounge. But drama ensued onboard the restored pirate ship, leaving Noah determined to leave Cane’s Inlet behind. A killer has another idea, and soon Noah knows there is no escape. Living behind enemy lines, Noah realizes he must finally confront Ginette and Emerson Hatcher about the truth he’s been hiding from them all these months.

But then the killer strikes again, making Noah’s investigation even more personal. He uncovers a string of secrets that have been lost to the ocean floor for generations. Reaching deep into the past, Noah is in a race against time before the season begins. Needing to repair his relationship with Demetri if he’s ever to find happiness, Noah sets a chilling plan in motion. One which will have devastating consequences, but not before the final, shocking truth is revealed.

Suspicious Truths is the third part in a trilogy that will lay bare stories of the past, and in the end, no one will escape the web of deceit that has defined Cane’s Inlet for more than one hundred years. Scandalous, sinister, suspicious, the Cane’s Inlet Mystery is a tour-de-force tale of two families, one secret, and, ultimately, one man’s discovery of his own true self.


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Sinister Motives by Adam Carpenter

OUT NOW! Sinister Motives by Adam Carpenter

Sequel to Scandalous Lies

In Cane’s Inlet, located on a barrier peninsula along the Jersey Shore, the lucrative summer season is fast-approaching, as is the Opening Night celebration of the Medusa Lounge, where Noah has secured a job. But working alongside the Hatcher’s at their exclusive resort is complicated by his own investigation into the scandal that might connect them. With a family secret uncovered during a surreptitious visit to their mansion, Noah’s quest to seek the truth behind his mother’s deathbed confession takes on sudden credence. With the aid of his new lover, Demetri, as well as Cane’s Inlet busybody Cilla Cane, the questions only deepen.

When another murder shocks the coastal village, Noah realizes that what’s happening no longer concerns only himself, but perhaps all of Cane’s Inlet. With a mystery dating back to the village’s founding and the raising of the old pirate ship Medusa, no one is safe from being exposed, or from a desperate killer. For Noah, the truth might come at a price higher than he’s willing to accept.


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Scandalous Lies by Adam Carpenter

OUT NOW! Scandalous Lies by Adam Carpenter

In a tiny Adirondack village, a secret is about to be exposed. Noah Sanders learns from his mother on her deathbed that he is not who he thought. Suddenly the unassuming Noah finds his entire life called into question, and only he can separate the truth from the lies.

He’d been given one clue: his real name. But what was the reason for his abduction from the family he should have known? The coastal paradise called Cane’s Inlet is where Noah finds himself, trying to keep a low profile as he quietly begins his investigation. Sexy diner owner Demetri catches his attention, as does the local police chief when Noah stumbles across a corpse on the beach.

Cane’s Inlet is known for its sunny shores, the lush waves of the ocean. A deeper mystery lies beneath the surface, and Noah is the unwitting key to unraveling a long-held truth. Insinuating himself into the ways of the locals, Noah learns of the feud between the founding family, the Canes, and to the rich newcomers, the Hatchers. With no one to trust, Noah tries to fight his attraction to Demetri while desperately trying to keep secret his reason for coming to town.


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Second Shot by Adam Carpenter

OUT NOW! Second Shot by Adam Carpenter

A long summer has kept Jimmy McSwain away from the city he loves, uncertain of what the future holds. But upon his return, tomorrow quickly becomes a deadly today.

Jimmy has often done work for his sister Mallory’s law firm, and this time the new partner and his handsome associate want to hire Jimmy to solve the mystery of twin brothers. One of the twins lies in a coma, while the other has gone missing. Aiding Jimmy in this confusing case is Brenden Hendricks, the young lawyer who just happens to have a strong attraction to Jimmy. Then murder rocks the Portnoy clan.

Meanwhile, there’s Jimmy’s lingering obsession with the criminal mastermind Mr. Wu-Tin. Jimmy is determined to bring him down, and the NYPD knows that. Brought in to assist the Special Task Force, Jimmy feels he’s being manipulated, but this is his best lead yet. The problem is his partner assigned to the case: his ex, Francis X. Frisano. Soon Jimmy and Frisano are setting traps for Wu-Tin, even as the cornered man is setting his empire ablaze.

Complex, confounding, the duality in his life will test more than Jimmy’s loyalty. It could rock his very foundation. Deep down he knows that by solving both cases, he’s got a second shot at a new life.


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