<i>Heartful of Scars</i> by Eve Morton

Heartful of Scars by Eve Morton

<i>Heartful of Scars</i> by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Heartful of Scars by Eve Morton

Three dozen missing people. New gods vs. old gods. A battle as old as time …

The Winterlands is a place of desperation and misery when David, a former spiritual soldier, shows up at a local inn. When he is refused a room, he makes fast friends with a scared priest named Garrison who is on a mission to expose a rival spiritual leader, named The Mountain Man by the locals. Though David does not believe in a single thing — and refuses to give his real name to anyone — he joins the priest on this mission into the snowy mountains of the Winterlands.

There he comes face to face with monsters he never thought possible, testing his faith at every turn, and making him fall for Jasper, the son of another soldier lost in battle. Will he and Jasper ever get out of the mountains together? Will Garrison find and defraud the prophet? Or will their entire party join the ghosts of the over three dozen souls who dwell beneath the ice?


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