Dexter’s Haunting by Shawn Lane

Dexter’s Haunting by Shawn Lane is now available!

Julian Ridgley is buying a house, known as Dexter’s Manor, on a hill in a seaside community. The original owner, Dexter Larabee, is widely rumored to haunt it, but Julian dismisses such fanciful rumors.

His plan is to renovate the old mansion so he and his lover can live there, with the goal of creating their own seaside shop. After moving in, Julian experiences strange happenings, including the appearance of the gorgeous Dexter himself. Dexter calls Julian another name, Owen, and insists that Julian is his reincarnated love.

Seduced by Dexter, Julian has a passionate affair with the spirit, prompting him to end things with his boyfriend. When Julian realizes Dex is trapped, waiting endlessly for Owen, he knows the right thing to do is to set Dex free. But he’s fallen in love with Dexter. How will he ever be able to let go?


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