<i>Club Paradiso</i> by Wayne Mansfield

Club Paradiso by Wayne Mansfield

<i>Club Paradiso</i> by Wayne Mansfield

OUT NOW! Club Paradiso by Wayne Mansfield

When Nicholas Webster meets Edmund Hawthorne, Mr. Hawthorne slips Nick a card. In silver, embossed lettering, it says Club Paradiso.

Intrigued, Nick visits only to discover it’s a private men’s nudist club. As the doors to Eden are thrown open, Nick’s breath is taken away. It’s taken away again when he meets Bruno, the extremely handsome barman.

They begin talking, and it seems Club Paradiso has something to offer Nick. In fact, when Bruno asks if they can meet again, Nick knows something wonderful is going to happen.

However, the club has a dark secret. What lies behind the waterfall? His attempts to find out are thwarted, which only piques his interest. When he does find out, he might wish he had never even heard of Club Paradiso.


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