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The Visitor 3 by Wayne Mansfield

OUT NOW! The Visitor 3 by Wayne Mansfield

Clay and Vincent are making a life together, and it is working out surprisingly well. They have completely different routines, but so far there have been no hiccups. Even better, the lockdown has come to an end and they can finally go out explore the world together.

When a travelling carnival comes to town, Clay takes Vincent for a fun, romantic evening. That is until Vincent thinks he spots Bluekin, the vampire who, without his permission, turned him and then abandoned him all those years ago.

Clay takes an immediate dislike to the man. Unfortunately, Bluekin’s feelings for him are the exact opposite. When Bluekin turns up unannounced at the home Clay shares with Vincent, Clay knows things aren’t going to end well. How can he hope to defend himself against Bluekin’s muscular bulk? What will Vincent find when he returns home?


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The Visitor 2 by Wayne Mansfield

OUT NOW! The Visitor 2 by Wayne Mansfield

In the time of COVID-19, life has changed. Going slowly insane under strict lockdown conditions, Clay is thrilled to meet Vincent. It doesn’t matter the man has somehow gained access to his home and woken him in the middle of the night; Vincent is mysterious. Not to mention a lover like no other Clay has ever had, or suspects he ever will again.

In the days after Vincent leaves, Clay is desperate to make contact with the vampire again. For reasons that remain elusive, Clay thinks he may have fallen in love with Vincent at first sight. The vampire is all he can think about, but dare he enter the vampire’s abode? Only able to leave his home under cover of darkness, there are too many risks involved in entering the abandoned building down by the railway line.

He has a choice to make. Does he push himself to do what his common-sense tells him not to? Or should he wait at home, hoping for another visit? The tension he feels may just drive him insane.


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The Visitor by Wayne Mansfield

OUT NOW! The Visitor by Wayne Mansfield

There was a lot about the COVID-19 virus that wasn’t understood. For the health of the general population, being put on lockdown was completely understandable. But knowing the reason and even agreeing with it doesn’t make it any easier to endure.

Clay is beginning to feel the mental strain of being at home all the time. He is sick of his furniture, sick of his books, and sick of everything else in his bubble world. That’s the reason he sneaks out to go for nocturnal walks around the neighbourhood. And he isn’t the only one. One evening, he begins to regret he ever left the house.

As walks past an abandoned wreck of a building in a very unsavoury part of town at night, he gets a sense he is no longer alone. He picks up the pace and hurries away, but no matter what he does, he can’t shake the feeling someone, or something, is following him. He calls out into the darkness and immediately regrets it. Rather than knowing if anyone is there, he’d much rather know if he’s going to make it home or not.


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Ugly by Wayne Mansfield

OUT NOW! Ugly by Wayne Mansfield

Ian feels he has not been blessed with good looks, and his treatment from others lends weight to these beliefs. From a child, where he is teased about his big nose, to his twenties, where his best friend, the handsome Zack, seems to get all the attention, Ian is made to feel inferior. The resulting insecurity means he won’t look in a mirror unless absolutely essential.

Then one night at Zenith, the local gay club, he locks eyes with Brad. He likes what he sees, but so does Zack. As Zack approaches Brad, Ian’s heart sinks. However, there is a small chance Brad will tell Zack to take a hike.

Is Ian’s life about to change for the better? Will he finally get a chance at love? Or will his so-called best friend Zack ruin everything? Could Zack really be that cruel?


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When You Least Expect It by Wayne Mansfield

OUT NOW! When You Least Expect It by Wayne Mansfield

At thirty-nine, Dane has begun to think that life holds no surprises for him. His last relationship was twelve years ago and, apart from a couple of flings, there has been no one special in his life for so long, he has given up even thinking about meeting anyone. His work keeps him busy and he’s used to going on holidays by himself or with friends. He hasn’t really missed having someone to love, and to love him back. Although sometimes …

One day, he’s cleaning the sliding door when he notices movement in the villa next to his. It’s his new neighbour. His handsome new neighbour. He pretends he isn’t watching the hot, semi-naked man. Later when he bumps into the man, Tassos, he’s invited in for a juice. Who is this man?


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