<i>Waiting in Line</i> by A.F. Henley

Waiting in Line by A.F. Henley

<i>Waiting in Line</i> by A.F. Henley

OUT NOW! Waiting in Line by A.F. Henley

As a personal assistant, Tristan does just about everything for his boss. So, he’s not surprised when Dante asks him to travel along to a wedding reception in the country and help the two grooms with their plans. He’s not even surprised Dante has requested Gavin, Dante’s security officer and Tristan’s arch-enemy, to come as well.

Gavin is sexy, smart, struts like a peacock, and does everything he can to drive Tristan crazy on a daily basis. So as much as Gavin’s presence was expected, Tristan isn’t happy about it, and he’s really not happy about having to sleep on a cot in a barn while Gavin gets to stay in the farmhouse in an actual bedroom.

When a little flirting gets Tristan into yet another argument with Gavin, things start to get heated between them — in a way they never have before. As they start to learn a bit more about each other, Tristan is having a hard time deciding if the country air is messing with his head, or if there’s a possibility the disgust he’s been feeling for Gavin isn’t actually hate at all.


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