Snowed In: Bar and Joey by R.W. Clinger

Snowed In: Bar and Joey by R.W. Clinger is now available!

A January blizzard causes havoc in the small town of Frozentoe, Pennsylvania. Best friends, Joey Redd and Kel Foxford, become stranded in the wicked storm and check in at the strangest bed and breakfast ever, The Foreboding Castle. Joey meets a diverse lot of guests at the castle: Vivian Vampe, a famous B-rated Hollywood actress; the bizarre Colonel MacCarmichael and his male pet, Dash Hound; and the sexy stud and adult entertainment star, Magnum Ride.

When Kel takes a fancy to Magnum and the two vanish into a nearby bedroom to keep warm together, Joey is left to his own devices. In due time he learns of the castle’s ghosts and secret passageways. He also begins to melt for the castle’s owner, the handsome and alluring Bar Moore.

But Joey’s attraction and heated feelings for Bar come on far too strong and quick. Will these strong emotions leave him with a broken heart? Or will he give his heart to Bar? Can their sudden relationship survive the terrorizing blizzard?


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Lucky Dog by Shawna Jeanne

Lucky Dog by Shawna Jeanne is now available!

Dr. Elsie Clevenger is pulling an overnight shift when a battered beagle comes through the emergency veterinarian practice where she works. She’s more than ready to give the dog’s owners a piece of her mind, but to her surprise, it doesn’t belong to the two men who brought it in.

Keith Simmons and Alex Travers found the dog on the side of the road and will spare no expense to get it well again. But the last thing they expect is to be smitten by the sexy vet on duty.

The two men are obviously a couple, so Dr. Clevenger’s surprised when they ask her out on a date. Together.

Note: This short story was originally published in the charity collection, Love Is Proud.


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