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Before He Cheats by Shawna Jeanne

OUT NOW! Before He Cheats by Shawna Jeanne

Rachel begins to suspect her husband Jason is cheating on her, so she hacks into his phone for evidence. What she finds surprises her. The mysterious EC Jason has been sexting with after he thinks his wife’s asleep turns out to be a hunky man with risque piercings he met online.

When Rachel confronts him, Jason admits they haven’t even met yet. He swears he’ll break things off with EC, whose real name is Elliot. But Rachel has a better idea.

Besides, is it even really cheating if they do it together?


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JMS Books turns 10!

Guest post by J.M. Snyder

In 2010, I was publishing with a number of e-pubs who, unfortunately, are no longer around (Amber Quill, Aspen Mountain, Torquere). Before any of them, though, I had been self-publishing with minor success. At that time, Amazon wasn’t the heavy hitter it is today. In fact, the bulk of my sales came from the now-defunct website, Fictionwise (which was purchased by Barnes and Noble at some point and then phased out). As e-pubs folded and I got my rights back, I had to self-publish the stories if I wanted to get them back out to readers. Trouble was, Fictionwise required exclusivity from authors who sold through their site … but not from publishers. With that in mind, I created JMS Books, publishing my own books as well as those of a few friends.

Ten years later, Fictionwise is gone, Amazon is king of the e-publishing world, and I’m happy to say JMS Books has expanded into a niche small press with a roster of over 175 authors. I want to thank all the readers — and authors — who have taken a chance on us in the ever-changing world of publishing online. We’ve grown larger than I first dreamed we could.

So some celebration is in order!

First, we’ve gathered together the best-selling gay romance or M/M short stories from each year into A Decade of Gay Romance, an anthology along the lines of our Top Ten Gay Romance series. If you’re new to us and want to pick up some of our back titles, this is a good place to start!

We’re also having daily sales — 40% off all ebooks by a particular author(s). Today all my titles are discounted! You have until midnight EST to save on books by J.M. Snyder, J.T. Marie, J. Tomas, and Shawna Jeanne!

And we’re giving away a free ebook every day this month! Starting tomorrow, one winner will be drawn daily. So enter to win today!

Thank you for all you’ve done to help us get this far! Here’s to the next 10 years!

Lucky Dog by Shawna Jeanne

Lucky Dog by Shawna Jeanne is now available!

Dr. Elsie Clevenger is pulling an overnight shift when a battered beagle comes through the emergency veterinarian practice where she works. She’s more than ready to give the dog’s owners a piece of her mind, but to her surprise, it doesn’t belong to the two men who brought it in.

Keith Simmons and Alex Travers found the dog on the side of the road and will spare no expense to get it well again. But the last thing they expect is to be smitten by the sexy vet on duty.

The two men are obviously a couple, so Dr. Clevenger’s surprised when they ask her out on a date. Together.

Note: This short story was originally published in the charity collection, Love Is Proud.


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