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Painting Cowboys by R.W. Clinger

OUT NOW! Painting Cowboys by R.W. Clinger

Cowboy Bear Bastion needs a night on the town. So why not have one with his best bud, handsome rancher Taylor Hawke? When these two men-hungry pals spend a summer evening at a bar called Cowboy Up!, things start out smooth. Taylor’s on the hunt for easy prey, and Bear meets an interesting cowboy painter named Welsey Westward, whom he calls West.

Like most of Bear’s evenings on the town, things become chaotic after a few too many drinks. Taylor becomes easy, and Bear loses his temper. Soon a brawl begins at the bar, and Bear and Taylor end up leaving early. As if things can’t get any worse, they get into an argument on their drive home, and Taylor dumps Bear off in the middle of nowhere. Great! What’s he going to do now?

Enter West, again. The painter finds Bear stranded on a back road, picks him up, and takes him back to his cabin. An attraction builds between the two cowboys and lust transpires, risqué paintings are revealed, secrets unfold, and mistakes occur. If only time could be reversed and tonight wouldn’t have happened …


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Wintertime Men Box Set by R.W. Clinger

OUT NOW! Wintertime Men Box Set by R.W. Clinger

This wintertime season you might be in for the best blizzard of your life. This box set by R.W. Clinger heats up by the fire with a warm love spell, the return of a lost love, and the sexiest lumberjack at play. Contains the stories:

Snowspell: Avery isn’t looking for love, so he’s surprised about his attraction to Judd, who is just as interested in him. The two men enjoy a string of sexy winter dates together. As their small town is taken over by a blizzard, Avery has never been happier in his life. Can the two men battle the cold and chilly storms of everyday life and end up together? Or will a snowspell keep them apart forever?

The Fine Art of Reading Riley: While out shopping, Stone Daye bumps into Cameron Phillips, an old friend and former lover who now works as an administrator at a local college. The two have a heated and romantic history, and seeing Cameron again brings it all back for Stone. Old feelings are stirred up again, but are the fiery embers of their previous relationship strong enough to ignite a new romance together?

Lumberjack: Kemp Trumble attempts to finish writing his next best-seller. But Jack, the lumberjack next door, is loud and annoying. He’s also an alluring, sexy distraction. Unbelievably, the two find common ground. But are Kemp and Jack’s similarities strong enough to escalate their friendly relationship into boyfriendhood? Or will they remain separated by miles of lumber and broken hearts?


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Monsters and Men Box Set by R.W. Clinger

OUT NOW! Monsters and Men Box Set by R.W. Clinger

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Then again, you might feel that you’re falling in love with that sexy vampire or legendary warlock. Love is love, right? This box set by R.W. Clinger explores romantic Monsters and Men. Four tales of the haunting and unthinkable. Strange and dark relationships that can be considered obscure, dangerous, and filled with nothing less than deathly desire.

Contains the stories:

Vonderlust: Antiques dealer Liam goes to retrieve a valuable painting from the foreboding Hyde Manor. His trepidations disappear when he meets the sexy caretaker. During his stay, strange things happen. But when he attempts to leave, he’s confronted by Lord Hyde. Will Liam live another day to tell his vampire tale of Hyde Manor, or die like the many men before him?

The 13th Warlock: Sawyer Black is sent to Bitter, PA, to gather details of a mysterious disappearance. With the help of local pub owner Harry, he uncovers a warlock coven and learns of Wilhelm Ravenrock, the strange man who lives in the haunted woods. As the facts continue to build, Sawyer becomes Harry’s attraction. Will he still be Harry’s sexual interest after the dark secrets of Bitter are disclosed?

Something Purple this Way Comes: Strange things are happening in the countryside near Lake Erie. Creepy and ominous and … purple things. Can three men and their lovers live through the night to share their strange tales of terror? Maybe. Maybe not. Only daylight will bring answers after the purple night of alien terror.

Blood on My Hands: Vampire Jonathon Splinter seeks out young men to feed. As Halloween approaches, he devises a plan for his next hunt with the help of his mortal lover Toby. But someone has witnessed one of his bloody hunts and is blackmailing him. With Toby’s help, the two devise a plan to hunt and feed on the man. But on the evening of the planned murder, Jonathon Splinter’s bloody life will change forever.


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Almost-Broken Men Box Set by R.W. Clinger

OUT NOW! Almost-Broken Men Box Set by R.W. Clinger

Love always has its ups and downs. This box set by R.W. Clinger explores the almost-brokenness men face until they find true love. Within these three tales, men mix with present and past boyfriends, learn when to leave friend zones, and discover when secrets become helpful or dangerous.

Contains the stories:

20 Days of Tuck: During twenty days of a particularly hot August on the shores of Lake Erie, Micah and Tuck fall head over heels in love. A year later, life has unexpectedly changed for Micah. He meets and falls hard for Carl, a witty, romantic guy along the lake. What will Micah do when various ties between his twenty days with Tuck and his current days with Carl begin to unravel?

We Are Going to be Together: Wayne Joslin’s in love with Darsey Haas, who’s dating Cliff McGregory, so he hatches a plan to distract Cliff with Darsey’s doppelganger, a certain rugby player named Tomas Iron. Will the plan work? Will Cliff fall for the gig, and in love with Iron? Are Joslin and Darsey going to end up together?

The Trespasser: Grady Nelson has a crush on neighbor Putnam Strand and trespasses into Putnam’s home when he isn’t home, and almost gets caught. Things heat up in their neighborly relationship when Putnam leaves town for a few days and asks Grady to house sit. While there, he uncovers a secret about Putnam that will change their romantic lives forever.


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Uncontrollable by R.W. Clinger

OUT NOW! Uncontrollable by R.W. Clinger

Cliff Allen gains some bad news when his buddy-crush and next-door-neighbor, Seb Rockfield, decides to move away. Cliff not only loses his evening drinking pal, deep conversationalist, and smoking-bro, but he also realizes he’s out his best friend and … a special man he has fallen head over heels in love with.

It’s true. Cliff has unequivocally become heart-swollen for the adorable, younger, and sexy grease monkey, Seb. There’s nothing Cliff can do to stop the move. As the pathetic cliché goes: It is what it is.

Cliff attempts to pick his life up and … stalks Seb. Why not? What does he have to lose? Then Seb is mugged on an evening run and resorts to Cliff for help. Cliff gains the opportunity to nurse Seb back to health … until Seb turns up missing.

Where is Seb Rockfield? Cliff begins to panic and searches high and low for his pal. He becomes uncontrollable, determined to find his love. Numerous questions drive his hunt: Is Seb safe? Is he lost? Is he playing a game and hiding from Cliff? Is he alive?

As Cliff searches, his feelings for Seb only increase and he realizes how love can push his drive forward, through danger and devastation, closer to a forever bond.


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