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The Trainer by R.W. Clinger

OUT NOW! The Trainer by R.W. Clinger

Making movies for Weslington Productions as a grip keeps Alex Lee busy these days. Although he lives in West Hollywood he’s seen a lot of the globe, traveling for the company. This summer he’s heading home to Pittsburgh to help make the thriller River Death.

As expected, it’s comforting to be home again. Alex gets to visit his sister and do some sibling catch-up. Plus he’s able to visit their younger brother’s grave. But it’s awkward for Alex when he sees his beefy, sexy, alluring high school crush again, Squire Land, a crush that still burns strong.

Alex learns Squire is a professional trainer and owns a gym called Fitland. Unfortunately, Squire — the popular kid, the jock, the guy who was out of his league — ignored Alex in high school, and probably will do the same today. So there’s no reason why Alex should make any advancements, embarrassing himself.

As moviemaking keeps Alex busy, he doesn’t have much time to do anything else. Until his sister tells him Squire Land wants to speak with him. And Alex wonders why.


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We Are Going to Be Together by R.W. Clinger

OUT NOW! We Are Going to Be Together by R.W. Clinger

On the rugby field Wayne Joslin might be tough and rough, but in the romance department he’s a pussy cat. He can’t keep his attention away from his close friend Darsey Haas, the center for the Templeton Thundercats. Darsey’s a dreamboat, and the guy of Joslin’s dreams. Someone he wants to spend the rest of his life with. The two must be together.

After five months of friendship, Joslin and Darsey steer out of the friend zone. There’s one problem, though. A huge problem. Darsey has a boyfriend, Cliff McGregory.

Cliff despises everything about Joslin and will do just about anything to keep him away from Darsey. Joslin’s in love with Darsey, though, head over heels, and believes they’re meant to be together. So he hatches a plan to distract Cliff with a certain rugby player named Tomas Iron. Will the plan work?


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Play with Fire by R.W. Clinger

OUT NOW! Play with Fire by R.W. Clinger

Jobe Tucker is the hottest fireman in Templeton by Lake Erie. Hot, single, and a fireman, he’s caught the eye of Stuart Talbot, owner of a local convenience store. But if Talbot doesn’t stop prying in the fireman’s life, there might be hell to pay. He just can’t control his crush, though.

Enter Talbot’s best friend, the straight Adam Lark, who balances Talbot when needed. Plus he owns a cabin away from the city where the two men occasionally spend weekends for downtime, relaxing. Unfortunately, Adam can’t stop Talbot from stalking Jobe.

When Jobe flirts with him, Talbot’s obsession and liking for the fireman heightens. But he has a heated history of being burned in a long-term relationship. Can Talbot put his tragic past behind him and begin a new love affair with the fireman? Or will his heart go down in flames?


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The Icicles: A Christmas Wedding by R.W. Clinger

OUT NOW! The Icicles: A Christmas Wedding by R.W. Clinger

It’s about time writer Jonah Icicle takes Sandy Keye’s hand in marriage … on Christmas Day!

The Icicle family is upside down again and who better to rescue them? Jonah, of course. As a blizzard builds outside, his fiancé Sandy becomes concerned the storm might threaten their wedding day. No fear, though — Jonah gears up and plows forward, ready to face the snow and the Icicles.

A new addition to the family surprises him — Magnum McKee, a snow buddy who happens to be his brother-in-law Bobo’s sexual therapy partner. Magnum causes a rift between Jonah’s two younger siblings, Jake and Willa. The brother and sister are in a face-off concerning Magnum’s position in Willa’s “threesome” marriage. Can Jonah smooth out their sibling rivalry before his happy day?

His mother Pam is hiding a secret. Where is she running off to again? Something is going on and Jonah must get to the bottom of it. And his father Bill hangs out in the neighbor’s basement. Jonah has to help put a stop to his straying before he ends up in the next town over.

Throw a blizzard into the mix, Jonah’s bottom catching on fire, matching Christmas-themed briefs between Magnum and Bobo, a human snowman, and a wedding coordinator on cocaine. Despite all this, will Jonah have the perfect wedding on Christmas Day? Will he have the chance to marry the man he loves or not?


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Catch and Release by R.W. Clinger

OUT NOW! Catch and Release by R.W. Clinger

Thirty-something Nash “Watch” Dixon watches patients for a living. He works at Kimerman Hall, a mental illness facility, and makes sure his patients don’t harm themselves. In his spare time Watch can’t help himself and watches his hot and steamy neighbor across the street, Liam Caughtler, who has caught Watch’s eye.

Watch knows Liam, host of the hit reality show Catch and Release, likes men. A bunch of men. Maybe too many men. If only Liam would be more than his friend. He often wonders if Liam will stop catching and releasing and finally settle down with one man. Can this one man be him? Who knows?

As summer turns steamy and hot, Watch learns a mind-blowing secret about Liam. And after he confronts Liam about it, the two just might turn out be summertime lovers.


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