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Backpack Jack by R.W. Clinger

OUT NOW! Backpack Jack by R.W. Clinger

Log cabin designer Nix Cutter lives next to a popular hiking trail, Hollandale Trail. Single, attractive, and in his early thirties, he’s in search of the right man to spend the rest of his life with. No one has fit the bill in the recent months or years … until maybe now.

Enter Backpack Jack, a handsome coffee shop owner named Jack Faraway who arrives in July to hike the trail. The attraction between them is immediate and strong attraction. The two men spend the afternoon getting to know each other. But soon, Jack and his pack leave.

Following Jack’s goodbye, Nix has a designing deadline to meet. But he can’t concentrate on his work. The next day, he sees a familiar someone in the distance on Hollandale Trail. The person’s frame and features are distant but familiar. It can’t be Backpack Jack … or is it?


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Ginger for Hire by R.W. Clinger

OUT NOW! Ginger for Hire by R.W. Clinger

Nick’s ex-boyfriend Chris has stolen his heart, and he wants to get it back no matter what it takes. Enter Niles Ginger, who represents the Department of Revenge. Honestly, there’s no better group — and handsome man — to hire for some professional and discreet revenge/payback. The Department has quite the unflappable reputation to help those in need when it comes to cheating, lying, corrupt boyfriends, and those who purposely wreck lives for others. In fact, there’s no one else to call to achieve subtle revenge.

When Niles is hired for Nick’s case, both men seem to hit off quite well. Too well, in fact — there’s a powerful attraction between them. Is this just a fun, temporary, work-related fling for them? Or do the men feel something stronger for each other that might continue when the job is done?


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Vonderlust by R.W. Clinger

OUT NOW! Vonderlust by R.W. Clinger

Antiques dealer Liam Dumar isn’t fond of carrying out his next job for Mina Carpathia Antiques. He squirms at the thought of retrieving a valuable painting from the foreboding Hyde Manor atop Mount Castelul. The manor has quite reputation of cult activity and blood-drinking, and rumor has it bodies are buried beneath its floors.

Liam’s trepidations disappear when he meets the sexy caretaker of the manor, Henrich Von Shelly. Following an introduction and short tour of the manor, Liam is taken to a private room where he will spend the night. In the morning he will obtain the famous painting and leave.

During his stay, strange things begin to happen. A horrifying scream awakens him in the middle of night. When he goes in search of the sound, he discovers a secret passageway and bizarre room where Lord Harkford Mason Hyde, owner of the manor, carries out questionable actions with handsome men.

Liam’s visit turns shorter than expected. But when he attempts to leave, he’s confronted by Lord Hyde. Will Liam live another day to tell his vampire tale of Hyde Manor, or die like the many men before him?


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The Trespasser by R.W. Clinger

OUT NOW! The Trespasser by R.W. Clinger

Grady Nelson won’t admit to anyone that he’s doing more than just taking his greyhound for daily walks in Fairmount. But truth is, Grady has a little crush on best-selling fiction author Putnam Strand, who just happens to live a few streets away from him. He has a relentless obsession for the author and will do just about anything to get close to the man. Hell, he might even trespass into the author’s home when Putnam isn’t home; and when he does, he almost gets caught.

As springtime thickens along Lake Erie, so do Grady’s affections for Putnam, as well as his trespassing into the man’s life. Things heat up in their neighborly relationship, though, when Putnam has to leave town for a few days and asks Grady to house sit. Grady jumps at the opportunity.

During Grady’s short stay at Putnam’s house, interesting details of the writer’s life begin to unravel. Not only is a jungle room discovered on the third floor and Grady finds a vast collection of rare books, he also uncovers an astounding secret about the author, something that will change Putnam’s romantic life forever, and Grady’s, as well.


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Tool by R.W. Clinger

OUT NOW! Tool by R.W. Clinger

Damn, the tool next door to Lance Baye is superiorly hot. Although the stud’s name is Mike Danning, Lance insists on calling him Tool. Probably because he looks hot, big, and dumb. Lance knows Mike is from Phoenix, and is temporarily in Pittsburgh to care for his Uncle Craig.

Playing around, Lance decides to borrow tools from his neighbor. A wrench today. A screwdriver tomorrow. A handsaw the day after tomorrow. Soon, Lance has a pile of Tool’s tools. And he also has a strong desire for Tool.

But just when Lance decides to put the sexual moves on Tool, another neighbor is also interested. Honey Hertzer. Lance backs off — it seems pathetic and a waste of time to chase a straight tool.

Things can change on a dime, though. Lance has a stack of tools that belong to Tool. And Tool needs them back. Will the two men share a hungry and sexual connection, crossing neighborly lines when Tool comes searching for his tools? Does a promising future exist between the pair?


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