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Introducing Sunday Sales!

Every Sunday, we’ll spotlight a new author whose ebooks will be 40% off!

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Thief of Hearts by Ruby Moone

Leave a Comment July 20, 2018

Thief of Hearts by Ruby Moone is now available!


The year is 1806. Bastard-born jewel thief David Lambert has few rules in his personal life. Never bed the staff, never more than once with the same man, and never, ever, kiss. Attending an aristocratic party and relieving some of the wealthy of their possessions should be easy, but in the space of a weekend, one by one all his rules are shattered by a footman with a secret.

Jeremy Naylor thought he had found the man of his dreams, the one man who might understand him. Someone passionate, handsome, and respectable. But in one shocking moment his world is destroyed, and he is forced to run for his life.

Flung together to escape the hangman’s noose, the passion between David and Jeremy burns fiercely. But Jeremy yearns for respectability, and David refuses to admit what lies in his heart. Will they find a way together, or will their differences lead them to the very brink of disaster and the shadow of the gallows?


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Imperfect by Casper Graham

July 19, 2018

Imperfect by Casper Graham is now available!


David Lee gets emotionally attached, falling fast and hard. He can’t do one night stands. He’s had the worst crush on Tobias since high school, but it changes to intense hatred when he discovers how much Tobias sleeps around in college.

Tobias has been infatuated with David for years, but grows frustrated and furious after being repeatedly rebuffed. That’s why he enjoys arguing with David. It’s the only time David will pay any attention to him.

After college, they lose touch. But when they meet up years later, Tobias is surprised to discover how much feeling he still harbors for David.

This time, David agrees to a date. Can the two men work through their issues and find their happily ever after with each other?


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Coming Saturday, July 21

July 18, 2018

Here’s a sneak peek at next week’s e-books! We have ebooks by Jovana, K.L. Noone, Edward Kendrick, Matthew J. Metzger, and David O. Sullivan.

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Elements and Elephants by H.D. Nels

July 18, 2018

Elements and Elephants by H.D. Nels is now available!


Jack Bisson is a welder from Calgary, sharing a business with his brother and disapproving, emotionally distant father. Rather than celebrating his birthday with his family, Jack prefers to avoid his father and spend the evening out on his own. Jack’s meets Willem in a gay bar, a meeting that will change his life significantly.

Willem de Vries is a South African on a temporary work permit in Canada. Although smitten with Jack, Will’s insecurities lead him to abandon Jack when he suddenly returns to South Africa.

Jack follows Will, determined to learn what went wrong. When they meet again, they resume their relationship, rebuilding their trust in a remote corner of the South African wilderness. Then disaster strikes. Seriously injured Will has to fight for his life. Will he survive, and will Jack be able to endure the prospect of losing Willem once again?


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