Sutherland by Karen Trailor Thomas

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Sutherland by Karen Trailor Thomas is now available!


When the Sutherland family reunion descends on Malvern Gardens Inn, it catches eighteen-year-old Jennalee Preece in rebellion. Daughter of the inn’s owners, Jennalee hasn’t forgiven her father for uprooting the family from a comfortable life in San Francisco and dropping them in the middle of California’s gold country, far from anything hip, or fun, or exciting.

Acting out with local boys and refusing to play the piano she loves, Jennalee finds the Sutherland hordes a welcome diversion. Amid the countless well-off families come the Laidlaws — on motorcycles. This black sheep branch of the family seems as rebellious as Jennalee does, and she’s drawn to their punk violinist son, Harley.

Over the four-day Fourth of July weekend, the Sutherlands drink, party, squabble, and even manage to burn down part of the inn. Can Harley pull Jennalee from her rebellion and help her find emotional stability with the music they share?


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Submission Call — Opposites Attract (LGBTQ romance)

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Opposites Attract (LGBTQ romance)

Deadline: January 31, 2018
Payment: 50% net royalties from all channels, to be paid quarterly
Contract: 2 years exclusive, auto-renews

NOTE: This isn’t an anthology; the stories will be released as individual ebooks with unique covers.

We are looking for queer romance and erotic romance stories featuring two (or more!) characters who are complete opposites, but who fall in love anyway. Think people from different walks of life, different careers, even different colleges or opposing sports teams. Whatever it is that opens a gulf between them ultimately turns out to be what attracts them to each other.

Maybe a city slicker swaps his business suits for jeans and flannel when he meets the man of his dreams in the country. Or neighbors with different tastes in music connect even though each thinks the other listens to garbage. Or Mr. Type A falls for a laid back, relaxed coworker who shows him there’s more to life than getting ahead. Or a buff jock falls for a nerdy Poindexter. Or a straight-and-narrow policewoman collars a serial burglar who steals her heart.

The story can contain any LGBTQ pairing in any subgenre, but the main characters must be involved in a romance (sweet or erotic) and they must be opposites in some way who are attracted to each other despite their differences.


  • Stories must be between 12,000 words or longer
  • Stories must contain a romance — any heat level, from sweet to erotic
  • Romantic pairing must be LGBTQ (including but not limited to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, asexual, and pansexual)
  • Stories must involve opposites in some way who are attracted to each other despite their differences
  • Stories may be any subgenre (contemporary, historical, paranormal, etc.)
  • Stories must have a HEA or HFN ending
  • Adult stories only (no YA)

All stories submitted must adhere to the general guidelines found on our website. We do not consider multiple or simultaneous submissions. Reprints will be considered only if the author holds exclusive rights to republish.


Please follow our submission guidelines on our site to submit the story. Submissions over 40,000 words must include a chapter-by-chapter synopsis.

We will acknowledge submissions within 1 day and have a response to you within 4 business days.

Motorcycle Man by Sarah Hadley Brook

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Motorcycle Man by Sarah Hadley Brook is now available!


Motorcycle shop owner Ben Makowski offers a three-day class for new riders. When he finds out one of his students doesn’t even like motorcycles, he’s irritated but drawn to the man at the same time. Though he can clearly see the new student is dealing with something difficult, Ben sets out to get to know what that might be and if he can help in any way.

Writer Angus Winter’s publisher has insisted he learn about motorcycles for an upcoming book, which is the last thing he wants to do. His fear of motorcycles stems from a tragedy in his past. But something about his sexy new teacher makes him want to open up to the man. Can Angus trust Ben with the burden he’s carried for so long?


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Hero Worship by Kris T. Bethke

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Hero Worship by Kris T. Bethke is now available!


Paramedic Alex Sullivan has always thought Matthew Carter was attractive. But there are reasons why Alex knows he shouldn’t get involved with the younger man. Taking Matt in as a housemate seems like a recipe for disaster.

To Alex’s surprise, Matt not only proves to be the perfect roommate, he also makes no effort to hide his attraction to Alex. Matt knows what he wants. Can Alex be the hero Matt already thinks he is?


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Goodbye to the Jungle by Wayne Mansfield

January 14, 2018

Goodbye to the Jungle by Wayne Mansfield is now available!


Jahl lives with his people, the Hamica, in the jungles of a nameless world. They live at one with nature. It’s a simple existence, centred around family and community.

One day all this is snatched away when Jahl is captured by slavers. But he’s a proud man from a proud people, and he never shows his fright or anxiety, despite what he feels inside. They take him through the jungle, through swampland and farmland, to a town that has seen many like him come before.

In a strange, wooden building in the middle of the town square, Jahl is put into a harness, naked and spread-eagle for all who have gathered there to see. It’s humiliating and degrading, especially when the bidding starts.

For the first time, Jahl is truly frightened. Who will purchase him? And for what purpose?


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