Of Rats and Cats by Addison Albright

Leave a Comment November 14, 2018

Of Rats and Cats by Addison Albright is now available!

All he wanted to do was retrieve his newspaper, but Raymond is panic-stricken when a rat dashes through his open apartment door. No worries, though. Pandy is on the job! Except Kevin doesn’t want Raymond’s cat to eat his beloved pet … mouse.

Can Kevin rescue Corky before Pandy gets to her? Will Raymond’s upturned box of … um … personal toys and videos drive Kevin away, or will the pile of filigree undies Corky has burrowed into turn Kevin on?


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Mary, Queen of Scotch by Rob Rosen

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Mary, Queen of Scotch by Rob Rosen is now available!

Four five-star Yelp reviews do you little good when you’re nailed inside a giant barrel of whiskey, which is where our intrepid private detective Barry finds himself while on the case to help his campy drag friends, all of whom have numerous secrets to hide.

If he can decide between the man he once loved and the bartender he’s falling for, successfully stay undercover as his alter-ego, Mary, Queen of Scotch, and keep one step ahead of the bad guys, plus a raucously funny meddling mom, he just might live to see that much-desired fifth review.


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Destined by Casper Graham

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Destined by Casper Graham is now available!

James Chan is infatuated with Joshua Wallace. However, he’s eight years older than Joshua, and his catering business has a standing contract with the company the other man works for. Joshua also doesn’t seem to reciprocate his feelings. The future of their professional relationship will be uncertain if he’s rejected.

Fortunately, he isn’t. They start slow and everything is fine initially, but cultural differences between them become obvious when James invites Joshua to his father’s seventieth birthday party, which is an important milestone in the Chinese culture.

Initially Joshua is excited about the gifts he’s preparing for James’s father, but things become awkward when he learns about the negative light in which his gifts may be perceived. Can they smooth things out? Or will their differences be too much in the end?


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Drinker with a Writing Problem by Nickie Jamison

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Drinker with a Writing Problem by Nickie Jamison is now available!

They say write drunk, edit sober … or get someone else to edit for you.

From the imagination of Nickie Jamison, these four short stories span different genres, but they all have one thing in common — hot lust and delicious romance.

Travel to a New York brownstone in “The Sorcerer’s Assistant” as a magical detective gets more than he bargained for while hunting a mischievous spirit. In the steampunk tale “Heart Stone,” journey to the center of the earth … and the center of desire.

”Saving Grace” is a high seas adventure full of pirates and passion.

And the view in the bedroom is pretty good, too, in the contemporary romance, “Penthouse.”


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