Square One by Dale Chase

Leave a Comment January 18, 2019

Square One by Dale Chase is now available!

When Noah Dahl ends an eight-year Hollywood relationship with actor Reece Landreth, he heads north to the family home he inherited years before, intending to make a new start. What he doesn’t anticipate is finding his boyhood crush Glenn Wager has also returned.

Though Noah suffers from his breakup, he finds Glenn suffering far more from difficult circumstances surrounding the death of his mother. As Noah’s boyhood feelings return, he must acknowledge that twenty-four years have passed and work at approaching the troubled Glenn as a man, not a boy.

But Noah quickly finds obstacles in his way, namely Glenn himself. Can the two ever fully reunite and possibly build a life together?


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Snowed In: Sam and Lincoln by Shawn Lane

Leave a Comment January 17, 2019

Snowed In: Sam and Lincoln by Shawn Lane is now available!

Every year, Lincoln Willets arranges a buddy trip for his old friends from high school, and he’s always especially thrilled when Sam Stryker can participate. All of Lincoln’s old friends are successful, but Sam is a star. Literally a celebrity who has made a career starring in blockbuster movies. Lincoln isn’t starstruck, but back in high school he had a thing for Sam. He never acted on it, for number of reasons, but mostly because he assumed Sam was straight. And nothing leading up to their trip in Mammoth has clued him in otherwise.

As his other friends leave the cabin in Mammoth just ahead of a storm that promises to close the roads, Lincoln stays behind with Sam, who had a rough night drinking. By the time Sam emerges, the snowstorm has hit and the roads are closed, stranding Lincoln and Sam for the next couple of days. The time alone together turns out to be an eye-opening experience for Lincoln. Sam is not all that straight and just as attracted to Lincoln as Lincoln is to him.


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Coming Saturday, January 19

January 16, 2019

Here’s a sneak peek at next week’s e-books! We have ebooks by Vivien Dean, Edward Kendrick, Kris T. Bethke, Jodi Hutchins, R.W. Clinger, and Scott Alexander Hess.

Dare to Venture by Vivien Dean
Gay Romance, 2,892 words — 99¢
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Bret has been in love with Andreas since they were in college but has kept it to himself. On what is supposed to be a final nostalgic fling, Bret and Andreas come face to face without the others. Will they walk away, or will Bret finally have the nerve to tell Andreas how he truly feels?

Dead and Hating It by Edward Kendrick
Gay Paranormal Mystery Romance, 26,411 words — $3.99
Get your copy today!

Kurt is a ghost, unable to move on until he can prove his lover murdered him. Mike and Sage don’t believe Kurt killed himself. With the help of ghosts Brody, Jon, and Tonio, can they find the evidence to back Kurt’s claim? And can Tonio, with Kurt’s help, forget the man he loved and move on?

Snowed In: Jonah and Cooper by Kris T. Bethke
Gay Erotic Romance, 12,731 words — $2.99
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Jonah and Cooper broke up three years ago. When they are trapped together during a snowstorm, they get the opportunity to figure out if they can have the second chance they both deserve.

Snowed In: Nikki and Brynn by Jodi Hutchins
Lesbian Erotic Romance, 19,253 words — $2.99
Get your copy today!

Registered nurse Brynn Norseman hasn’t had the easiest time in her nursing career. All Nikki Mortelli ever wanted was to become a lawyer but bailing out trust fund brats wasn’t what she had in mind when she’d passed her bar exam. Will Brynn put aside her fears and open up to Nikki?

The Man Club by R.W. Clinger
Gay Erotic Romance, 20,572 words — $3.99
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Running The Man Club is a crazy job for Gyles Beare. Between hiring and firing dancers, keeping wait staff in line, and paying the bills, Gyles tries to have a love life, but it isn’t easy. Enter Car Tate. Is it time for Gyles to confront his hidden feelings and land the man of his dreams?

You Will Never Sell This House by Scott Alexander Hess
Gay Paranormal Romance, 7,459 words — $1.99
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Still grieving the death of his lover, Colm returns to the family estate to prepare to sell the house. An unexpected visit from Sebastian Lore, his brutish yet handsome neighbor, uncovers a long-buried secret.

Snowed In: Dylan and Kimo by David O. Sullivan

January 16, 2019

Snowed In: Dylan and Kimo by David O. Sullivan is now available!

Dylan is facing the anniversary of the death of his first lover, but while he’s on vacation through Oregon, a massive snowstorm hits the coast and he finds himself stranded.

Hawaiian native Kimo drives up and down the Pacific coast repairing office equipment. When the snowstorm hits, he spins out and gets stuck. Fortunately for him Dylan stops and pulls him out. But the road ahead is closed due to the storm, so they return to the nearest town only to discover there’s one room left at the only hotel and they’re forced to share it.

The two develop a bond and friendship as the electricity goes out and they watch the storm in the middle of the night. One thing leads to another and they end up in bed together. When the storm clears, though, things are up in the air. With Dylan living hundreds of miles away in San Jose and Kimo always on the road, will they be able to create a deeper relationship?


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Ruff Trouble by Sharon Maria Bidwell

January 15, 2019

Ruff Trouble by Sharon Maria Bidwell is now available!

Shapeshifting police officer Bobby Pooch wants to build a stable life with the woman he loves, but working in the same department with Chantelle and his underlying feelings for Sam makes for a complicated situation, further marred by the inherent threats of their occupation.

The job has already left its mark on the human officer, Sam Sanders, his injuries affecting not only his ability to walk but putting him behind a desk and damaging his self-esteem. Little does he know his love for Bobby isn’t as requited as he believes and may turn Sam more than husky.

Chantelle Shepherd, also a shifter, wants both men to be happy, but that means convincing them of their love for each other and her willingness for the three to form the happy, secure family unit, for which they all yearn.

From “Hounding the Beat,” they move on to celebrating Christmas with plastic “Mistletoe and Whine,” their lives dogged by outside influences which threaten not only the relationships they’ve fought so hard to form but their very lives, providing them with plenty of “Paws for Thought.” Together these three stories leave no doubt Bobby, Chantelle, and Sam are in for Ruff Trouble.


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