Salaciously Sexy by Eva Hore

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OUT NOW! Salaciously Sexy by Eva Hore

Hot and raunchy. Wild and wicked. Down and dirty. Salaciously sexy.

From the erotic mind of Eva Hore come 21 short stories about women who love other women and aren’t afraid to show it. There’s something in this collection for everyone, from wives to girlfriends, bosses to coworkers, old friends and new ones and everyone in between.


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Back from the Future by JL Merrow

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OUT NOW! Back from the Future by JL Merrow

Ever since his one-night stand with big, butch, bisexual Bill, Marty’s been in the hopeless grip of a passionate yet seemingly unrequited love. Housesitting for the object of his affection, all he can do is cry on the scaly shoulders of Bill’s exotic fish … until he meets the tipsy time-traveler who lives upstairs.

Arthur Prefect (not his real name) is a refugee from a dystopian time, and he’s pining, too, for the man he left back in the future. Over the course of a drunken evening, Marty dreams up a plan to reconnect the lonely young man with his lost love … but he’ll need to do more than dream to fix his own future with Bill.


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Three of Hearts by Stephanie Park

June 21, 2019

OUT NOW! Three of Hearts by Stephanie Park

Noah likes people watching, so when he notices a cute gay couple who don’t seem to have a reflection, he’s fascinated. They can’t actually be vampires, can they?

As he learns more about the enthralling pair, he soon discovers his wild suspicion is more than correct. But Noah is hiding a secret of his own, and how could two men from decades or even centuries in the past possibly care, possibly understand, when they discover Noah wasn’t always Noah?

That first hurdle is only the beginning, though. But Jack and Gabe are immortal vampires, so it’s hardly surprising Noah isn’t the only one who has a troublesome past.


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Miss Baxter’s Girls Book 2: Anise the Snowboarder by Davina Lee

June 20, 2019

OUT NOW! Miss Baxter’s Girls Book 2: Anise the Snowboarder by Davina Lee

Hilary Baxter is a retired dominatrix who runs a boarding house for young women, and Anise has been there the longest. But how did she come to be employed as Miss Baxter’s sexy assistant? It wasn’t an easy road for either of them.

The two mix like oil and water. Anise isn’t ready for Miss Baxter’s uptight attitude, and Miss Baxter certainly is not thrilled with Anise’s lackadaisical outlook on life.

Then things come to a head, and Miss Baxter’s former profession takes center stage. Harsh words are spoken, apologies are made, and a new special therapy regime is agreed upon.


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