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2020 Top Ten Gay Romance edited by J.M. Snyder
OUT NOW! 2020 Top Ten Gay Romance edited by J.M. Snyder 2020 Top Ten Gay Romance brings together the best-selling
<i>No One Should Be Alone</i> by Tinnean
OUT NOW! No One Should Be Alone by Tinnean The New Year of 2002 starts off with a literal bang,
<i>The Orpheum Miracle</i> by Pat Henshaw
OUT NOW! The Orpheum Miracle by Pat Henshaw Christmas joy is a matter of perspective. For some, it’s the happiest
<i>The Icicles: A Christmas Wedding</i> by R.W. Clinger
OUT NOW! The Icicles: A Christmas Wedding by R.W. Clinger It’s about time writer Jonah Icicle takes Sandy Keye’s hand
<i>The Deal Breaker</i> by Terry O’Reilly
OUT NOW! The Deal Breaker by Terry O'Reilly What do you do when you're a popular porn star and the
<i>Eres Tu—Times Two</i> by Deirdre O’Dare
OUT NOW! Eres Tu—Times Two by Deirdre O'Dare Brandi Montoya has overcome a rough youth and made something of her
<i>Cruising on Christmas</i> by Marco May
OUT NOW! Cruising on Christmas by Marco May Alex is a cocky and proud slut. Since he's been hurt by
<strong>Blood for Magic</strong> by Aundrea Singer
OUT NOW! Blood for Magic by Aundrea Singer Twenty-year-old Tarquin is smart, tactless, and braver than he knows. He's also
<i>An Innocent Proposition</i> by Jamie Craig
OUT NOW! An Innocent Proposition by Jamie Craig One man finds love and sexual satisfaction with the last person he
<i>Yuletide Present</i> by Deirdre O’Dare
OUT NOW! Yuletide Present by Deirdre O'Dare Scarred by an abusive stepfather who destroyed his confidence and faith, Rob is