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<i>Jumping Jack Flash</i> by Deirdre O’Dare
OUT NOW! Jumping Jack Flash by Deirdre O'Dare Born to a carnival mother, Jack never knew his father. His mother
<i>Fumble Recovery</i> by Pepper Espinoza
OUT NOW! Fumble Recovery by Pepper Espinoza Melanie Smith has followed football her entire life, and is a long-time fan
<i>Flesh and Kisses</i> by Vivien Dean
OUT NOW! Flesh and Kisses by Vivien Dean After spending high school in the closet, the last thing Jett Walker
<i>Bobby’s Old Man</i> by A.C. Katt
OUT NOW! Bobby's Old Man by A.C. Katt Keith Anderson is in love with Bobby Michaels. Unfortunately Keith, with their
<i>Reap This</i> by Rafe Jadison
OUT NOW! Reap This by Rafe Jadison When Seamus O'Donnell returns to his Massachusetts hometown for Samhain, or Halloween as
<i>Life as a Teenage Vampire</i> by Amanda Meuwissen
OUT NOW! Life as a Teenage Vampire by Amanda Meuwissen The last thing Emery expected at the end of his
<i>Wearing Death</i> by Jamie Craig
OUT NOW! Wearing Death by Jamie Craig When veterinarian Jeremy Reed hears a thump one night on his front step,
<i>The Green Man</i> by L.E. Thomas
OUT NOW! The Green Man by L.E. Thomas Olivia's home is the Green Man Inn, situated in medieval city of
<i>Escort in Deep</i> by K.A. Fox
OUT NOW! Escort in Deep by K.A. Fox Leah loves her job as an escort. As her manager's top girl,
<strong>Crazy Joe</strong> by Ofelia Gränd
OUT NOW! Crazy Joe by Ofelia Gränd Abe Cooper is starting over. For fifteen years he's lived the life that