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<i>O, Christmas T(h)ree</i> by Rodney Ross
OUT NOW! O, Christmas T(h)ree by Rodney Ross Everything seems to be grouping into threes for Stanton and Clay’s catered
<i>Monsters and Men Box Set</i> by R.W. Clinger
OUT NOW! Monsters and Men Box Set by R.W. Clinger Be afraid. Be very afraid. Then again, you might feel
<i>Love Defies the Odds</i> by Sean Cunningham
OUT NOW! Love Defies the Odds by Sean Cunningham Sequel to Life Marches OnIan Hughes returns from a business trip
<i>Island of Dreams</i> by Pelaam
OUT NOW! Island of Dreams by Pelaam After a long-term relationship breaks up, Kaden is on his own once more.
<i>Behind the Red Curtain</i> by Eve Morton
OUT NOW! Behind the Red Curtain by Eve Morton Cassandra Lightman grew up making trinkets and toys. She was on
<i>Trials of a Lonely Specter</i> by Dianne Hartsock
OUT NOW! Trials of a Lonely Specter by Dianne Hartsock A reluctant ghost at best, Quinn doesn’t like the haunts
<i>The Monk’s Lair</i> by Ellie Thomas
OUT NOW! The Monk's Lair by Ellie Thomas Christian Maxwell is used to being alone. A delicate and over-imaginative young
<i>Method to Madness</i> by Thomas Grant Bruso
OUT NOW! Method to Madness by Thomas Grant Bruso Five years ago, Jack Ballinger was a police officer.He has since
<i>Greater Love Box Set</i> by Tinnean
OUT NOW! Greater Love Box Set by Tinnean James Trevalyan comes from a long line of men who served the
<i>Darik Wilson, Ghost Talker</i> by Edward Kendrick
OUT NOW! Darik Wilson, Ghost Talker by Edward Kendrick Darik Wilson was normal young man in college until the day