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<i>Batshit Bassel</i> by Holly Day
OUT NOW! Batshit Bassel by Holly Day Some people perform miracles, others serve soup.Bassel Uxium will never save the world.
<i>Adjoining Rooms</i> by Alex Winters
OUT NOW! Adjoining Rooms by Alex Winters One kiss tore them apart. Will a second bring them back together?Knox Townsend
<i>The Rainbow After the Rain</i> by Casper Graham
OUT NOW! The Rainbow After the Rain by Casper Graham Anson Lee is abused as a child. Even though he
<i>The Gift of Gold</i> by Eve Morton
OUT NOW! The Gift of Gold by Eve Morton Gideon's father's a liar and a gambler, which means Gideon must
<i>Publicity!</i> by Edwin Betancourt Jr.
OUT NOW! Publicity! by Edwin Betancourt Jr. Hollywood is an industry many people yearn to be a part of. The
<i>Mistletango</i> by Alexandra Caluen
OUT NOW! Mistletango by Alexandra Caluen A between-jobs vacation was all Angelo expected from Buenos Aires. When it turned into
<i>Loving the Boss</i> by Shawn Lane
OUT NOW! Loving the Boss by Shawn Lane Alan Sommers has loved his boss, Kincaid Malloy, for as long as
<i>Finding Home Box Set</i> by Ofelia Gränd
OUT NOW! Finding Home Box Set by Ofelia Gränd Can a restless soul find a home?Three contemporary gay romance novellas.
<i>The Werewolf Before Christmas</i> by Charles Payseur
OUT NOW! The Werewolf Before Christmas by Charles Payseur Ray seems like the perfect boyfriend -- he’s gorgeous, incredibly romantic,
<i>The Impersonator</i> by Shawn Lane
OUT NOW! The Impersonator by Shawn Lane After Benjamin Pomeroy has hot club sex with Trey, a gorgeous new employee