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<i>Adore You</i> by Courtney Milnestein
OUT NOW! Adore You by Courtney Milnestein Sunaga Karin, newest member of bestselling idol group, ALiCE?SWeeTS, is having a tough
<i>Let’s Hang Out</i> by David Connor and E.F. Mulder
OUT NOW! Let's Hang Out by David Connor and E.F. Mulder With another month of quarantine ahead, Dillon is depressed.
<i>Character Bleed Book 2: Stalwart</i> by K.L. Noone
OUT NOW! Character Bleed Book 2: Stalwart by K.L. Noone Cameras, thunderstorms, and love confessions! And a secret or two
<i>Caden’s Dilemma</i> by A.C. Katt
OUT NOW! Caden's Dilemma by A.C. Katt There are only two things Masato knows -- how to write brilliant code
<i>Anyone for a Threesome?</i> by Eva Hore
OUT NOW! Anyone for a Threesome? by Eva Hore After getting tipped off, Melanie goes home and catches Sarah in
<i>Those Who Cherish</i> by Jamie Craig
OUT NOW! Those Who Cherish by Jamie Craig Exiled to an abandoned presidio in southwestern Texas, Father Alonzo Vargas is
OUT NOW! The Twin Moons of Tansa by Wayne Mansfield In the not too distant future, the world is a
<i>Martinet</i> by Mazarin Stone
OUT NOW! Martinet by Mazarin Stone Christopher Worthington thought pushing his friend Alex Breschi at his former Dom would be
<i>His Omega</i> by A.C. Katt
OUT NOW! His Omega by A.C. Katt On his way home from a meeting of the North American werewolf council,
A Different Drummer by Deirdre O’Dare
OUT NOW! A Different Drummer by Deirdre O'Dare Jest has been on his own since his mid-teens and still blesses