<i>All That Jazz</i> by Lynn Townsend

All That Jazz by Lynn Townsend

<i>All That Jazz</i> by Lynn Townsend

OUT NOW! All That Jazz by Lynn Townsend

Finn Riordan’s life is upended when he discovers his boyfriend having sex with Hector Lange, the legendary local playboy. Five years later, Hector appears in Finn’s life once again, this time to cheat Finn out of the painting he’s bidding on at an art auction.

Hector Lange has no complaints about his life. He has a good career, plenty of friends, and while he doesn’t believe in true love, he never lacks for companionship. Everyone loves the easygoing and gregarious Hector. Which is why it’s so startling when he finds himself assaulted by a furious and beautiful man.

When Hector realizes he inadvertently outbid Finn for a painting intended for Finn’s brother, a recovering veteran, he wants to make amends. Hector’s latest ex had backed out of a vacation they planned to take together, so Hector invites Finn instead as something of an apology. A win for all involved, right?

The trip will do more than merely reconcile the two, opening both Finn’s and Hector’s eyes in unexpected ways. But will those newfound discoveries and feelings follow them home?


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