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<i>Lost Connection</i> by Lucien Grey
OUT NOW! Lost Connection by Lucien Grey Lori had no intention of falling in love, having never had the capacity
History Repeats Itself by Eve Morton
OUT NOW! History Repeats Itself by Eve Morton When Cornelius “Neely” Norton first arrives on the red planet Rojo, he
<i>Fairies, Knights, and Fools Box Set</i> by Charles Payseur
OUT NOW! Fairies, Knights, and Fools Box Set by Charles Payseur An immersive video game tester finds his latest assignment
<i>Bring Me the Dead</i> by Becky Black
OUT NOW! Bring Me the Dead by Becky Black A million years ago, a galactic empire fell. The ruins of
<i>Uncle Phil’s Legacy</i> by Tim Mead
OUT NOW! Uncle Phil's Legacy by Tim Mead Jeff Elder is estranged from his parents because he is gay. He
<strong>Through a Glass Darkly</strong> by Pelaam
OUT NOW! Through a Glass Darkly by Pelaam Radley Middleton is a down to earth kind of guy. His love
<i>The Friends Box Set</i> by T.J. Blackley
OUT NOW! The Friends Box Set by T.J. Blackley Two stories of unexpected love in the aristocracy: One marriage of
<i>False Justice</i> by Adam Carpenter
OUT NOW! False Justice by Adam Carpenter Jimmy McSwain has to meet a man named Alexander Cort, a real-estate agent
<i>Falling in Love in Hong Kong</i> by Casper Graham
OUT NOW! Falling in Love in Hong Kong by Casper Graham While attending a seminar in Hong Kong, Kenneth is
<i>Dumb Supper</i> by Eve Morton
OUT NOW! Dumb Supper by Eve Morton When heartbroken Lyle and his best (and very pregnant) friend Delia hang out