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<i>I Choose You Again</i> by Kimberly Nicole
OUT NOW! I Choose You Again by Kimberly Nicole The year is 2020 and coronavirus is sweeping the nation, along
<i>However Long the Night</i> by Jamie Craig
OUT NOW! However Long the Night by Jamie Craig Jesse Madding finds himself caught between three gorgeous men, an ancient
<i>Forget Me Not</i> by Casper Graham
OUT NOW! Forget Me Not by Casper Graham Jensen Morris is financially stable, and has been dating Milo Hawkins for
<i>Dance Until the World Ends</i> by Davina Lee
OUT NOW! Dance Until the World Ends by Davina Lee Lina and Arabel are just a couple of gals on
<i>The Best of J.D. Walker Box Set</i> by J.D. Walker
OUT NOW! The Best of J.D. Walker Box Set by J.D. Walker Finding love isn’t easy, and holding onto it
<i>Adore You</i> by Courtney Milnestein
OUT NOW! Adore You by Courtney Milnestein Sunaga Karin, newest member of bestselling idol group, ALiCE?SWeeTS, is having a tough
<i>Let’s Hang Out</i> by David Connor and E.F. Mulder
OUT NOW! Let's Hang Out by David Connor and E.F. Mulder With another month of quarantine ahead, Dillon is depressed.
<i>Character Bleed Book 2: Stalwart</i> by K.L. Noone
OUT NOW! Character Bleed Book 2: Stalwart by K.L. Noone Cameras, thunderstorms, and love confessions! And a secret or two
<i>Caden’s Dilemma</i> by A.C. Katt
OUT NOW! Caden's Dilemma by A.C. Katt There are only two things Masato knows -- how to write brilliant code
<i>Anyone for a Threesome?</i> by Eva Hore
OUT NOW! Anyone for a Threesome? by Eva Hore After getting tipped off, Melanie goes home and catches Sarah in