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OUT NOW! Family Kitchen Box Set by Tia Fielding and Lisa Henry Two best-selling queer romance stories by multi-published authors
<i>Earthly Bounties</i> by L.E. Thomas
OUT NOW! Earthly Bounties by L.E. Thomas In the bucolic late 18th Century English countryside, the Reverend Tobias Whitmore, Vicar
<i>And the Cradle Will Rock</i> by Paris Dixon
OUT NOW! And the Cradle Will Rock by Paris Dixon In Hot For Teacher, wild and sassy Blythe Larson played
<i>Seed World</i> by Elizabeth Belyeu
OUT NOW! Seed World by Elizabeth Belyeu When an alien prison transport crashes on Earth, Leicho is the only surviving
<i>Tribulation</i> by Etienne
OUT NOW! Tribulation by Etienne Two weeks after Philip d'Autremont is acquitted of his wife's murder, it's time for him
<i>Under a Rogue Moon</i> by Vivien Dean
OUT NOW! Under a Rogue Moon by Vivien Dean When werewolf hunter Flanna McRae allows a single wolf to escape
<i>The Trespasser</i> by R.W. Clinger
OUT NOW! The Trespasser by R.W. Clinger Grady Nelson won’t admit to anyone that he’s doing more than just taking
<i>Peanut Butter Kisses</i> by Pepper Espinoza
OUT NOW! Peanut Butter Kisses by Pepper Espinoza Josh Boothe is one of the best pastry chefs in the nation,
<i>Just to Breathe</i> by Holly Day
OUT NOW! Just to Breathe by Holly Day Nico Allegretti has been best friends with Matt Barnes since kindergarten. There
<i>A Cure for Boredom</i> by Edward Kendrick
OUT NOW! A Cure for Boredom by Edward Kendrick Sequel to Wrong Side of the LawBored with the repetitiveness of