<i>Lust Unleashed</i> by Eva Hore

Lust Unleashed by Eva Hore

<i>Lust Unleashed</i> by Eva Hore

OUT NOW! Lust Unleashed by Eva Hore

Sheila Donaldson is bored. No, not bored — frustrated. She’s spent years married to the same wonderful man, and now she’s ready to live out some of her naughtiest fantasies through her own personal bucket list. Number one on her list: making her best friend Melissa orgasm while her husband watches.

Once Sheila admits to Richard that she has always wondered what it would be like to pleasure another woman, it isn’t difficult to get him on board with her plan to spice up their sex life with a little girl-on-girl action, especially once they both realize how much they’ve been missing.

Now the hard part … asking Melissa to play along.


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