<i>At Your Command</i> by Forrest Greene

At Your Command by Forrest Greene

<i>At Your Command</i> by Forrest Greene

OUT NOW! At Your Command by Forrest Greene

Serd is known as an honorable and conscientious man. He was, however, not suited to the family trade, and with his father’s blessing, leave his childhood home to join the Legion. Mastering combat skills, he enlisted in the elite Imperial Guard. After a cruel twist of fate, his life changes dramatically.

Prince Calelaine is the bastard son of the heir to the throne. He leads a quiet and studious life, uninterested in either men or women, in his grandfather, the Emperor’s, palace. When a miscarriage of justice is brought to his attention, he intervenes and saves the life of a man he’s still to meet. Shortly after, the Emperor unexpectedly dies, and Calelaine’s life is threatened when three possible successors to the throne engage in a bloodthirsty battle.

Serd rescues Calelaine from a massacre at the palace, and they are forced to flee the city. During a harrowing experience, Calelaine uncovers his inherent wizardry talents. In their attempts to escape their pursuers and reach safety, will Calelaine and Serd learn to combine their skills, wizardry and warfare, to survive? Will Serd’s care for Calelaine awaken feelings he’s never had before and let them act on mutual feelings of attraction and find love?


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