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Waiting in Line by A.F. Henley

OUT NOW! Waiting in Line by A.F. Henley

As a personal assistant, Tristan does just about everything for his boss. So, he’s not surprised when Dante asks him to travel along to a wedding reception in the country and help the two grooms with their plans. He’s not even surprised Dante has requested Gavin, Dante’s security officer and Tristan’s arch-enemy, to come as well.

Gavin is sexy, smart, struts like a peacock, and does everything he can to drive Tristan crazy on a daily basis. So as much as Gavin’s presence was expected, Tristan isn’t happy about it, and he’s really not happy about having to sleep on a cot in a barn while Gavin gets to stay in the farmhouse in an actual bedroom.

When a little flirting gets Tristan into yet another argument with Gavin, things start to get heated between them — in a way they never have before. As they start to learn a bit more about each other, Tristan is having a hard time deciding if the country air is messing with his head, or if there’s a possibility the disgust he’s been feeling for Gavin isn’t actually hate at all.


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Realignment by A.F. Henley

OUT NOW! Realignment by A.F. Henley

Blake Truman has come to Sunridge looking for his ex. Finally out of jail and rehab, Blake is ready to start over, this time without the drugs. However, when he finds Lee in the arms of a new man, he knows it’s time to get out of town and move on. Which he would do, gladly, if he hadn’t wound up on the wrong end of a rifle while stealing some gas.

Connor Riley has been struggling to keep up with his farm on his own. With the passing of his wife, and Scott leaving home to start his own business, things are tough. He decides to take Blake showing up on his property as an opportunity. Just because Blake has an ugly past, that doesn’t mean he can’t lift a shovel or sling some hay.

As they get closer, neither age difference nor past loves can stand in the way of a blossoming attraction. Connor’s son Scott might though, as soon as Scott finds out his dad’s new right hand man is also the man that Scott believes ruined his lover’s life.


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Crossed Lines by A.F. Henley

OUT NOW! Crossed Lines by A.F. Henley

When Aaron Fielde told his ex-partner he didn’t know what love was, he meant it. All his life he’d done everything everyone expected him to and still somehow managed to end up as a bored, lonely, middle-aged man living a forgotten life on his own. When he gets into a car accident with a man he too late realizes is Dante Hyako, heir to the Hyako fortune, he has a vested interest in keeping the secret he probably shouldn’t have been driving.

Dante is classy, sexy, and elicits feelings Aaron didn’t think he was capable of. So when Dante suggests they meet again, in private, Aaron agrees. It doesn’t take long for Aaron to realize he’s attracted to Dante, but something doesn’t feel quite right. What would a guy like Dante want with a guy like him?

The closer they get, the more Aaron feels Dante may have his own agenda, and Aaron is walking into a trap.


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Straddling the Line by A.F. Henley

OUT NOW! Straddling the Line by A.F. Henley

Scott Riley has lived his whole life in the Town of Sunridge but spent most of his childhood certain that the first thing he would do when he got old enough was leave. That was until Sid’s Tavern came up for sale, though. With a little bit of money and a lot of hard work, he is confident that he will be able to refresh the bar and add a little bit of life to the town. He also knows that’s going to be hard to do all alone. So, when a slightly disheveled but desperate and willing to work young man shows up asking for a job, it seems as though fate has intervened.

Lee Warner brings a dark past with him, but he’s sober, hungry, and willing to try just about anything if it will bring him a sense of purpose and renew his energy. Walking into that tavern was meant to be nothing more than a chance for opportunity, but that was before Lee got a good look at Scott. With hair the color of a sunset and a nervous energy to match it, Scott is revitalizing Lee in ways Lee never expected.

That seems to be contagious energy, however, and as Scott is as straight as they come, he can’t understand why Lee is awakening feelings in him. Or how to turn those feelings off.


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A New Finish Line by A.F. Henley

OUT NOW! A New Finish Line by A.F. Henley

When Gabe Devries loses his partner, he isn’t sure what he’s going to do with himself. Once again, he’s taken what should have been a good thing in his life and destroyed it. So, when an old friend shows up from the city, Gabe accepts his offer to help get Gabe back together with his ex.

Jeff Rideau is a psychologist, he’s known Gabe since they were both kids, and he won’t put up with any of Gabe’s posturing. So, if anyone can help, it will be Jeff. Recently out of a relationship himself, Jeff assures Gabe that love is real, and it will prevail.

Yet the longer Jeff tries to get Gabe and Rory back together, the more Gabe realizes that might not be what either of them want or need.


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