<i>The Midlife Slump</i> by Eve Morton

The Midlife Slump by Eve Morton

<i>The Midlife Slump</i> by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! The Midlife Slump by Eve Morton

At Melissa Anderson’s early retirement party, she meets a demon incubus she names Brandon, who enters her life at precisely the right moment to shake it up. After serving her college for thirty-years, her retirement is far from wanted; she is only fifty-five and has barely developed herself in the last fifteen years. Her house is filled with furniture from graduate school and her wardrobe is professorial, which means it’s frumpy and boring.

Brandon, however, is not boring. Though he is a demon, he does not have the red skin or pointy tail Melissa suspects, but long dark hair and a leather jacket. She longs for Brandon, especially as he disappears and another minion takes his place, but Melissa also doesn’t know if she truly wants to change her life. Who knows what could happen? She may even have fun.

With some help from an old friend, Melissa gets a new lease on life, and is able to exorcise all of the demons from her past in order to have a brighter and sexier future.


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