<i>Witness</i> by Edward Kendrick

Witness by Edward Kendrick

<i>Witness</i> by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! Witness by Edward Kendrick

Russ, a homeless young man, is in the wrong place at the wrong time and sees two men leave the scene of a murder at a homeless encampment. He runs and they give chase but fail to catch him when he escapes into the club owned by Jules Travert.

Jules and his friends, especially Marcus, take Russ under their wings, offering him a safe haven at the club. Meanwhile they try to find out who the killers are and do something to prove it.

While Russ isn’t certain he trusts them, he accepts what they’re offering, even knowing his being at the club could bring trouble down on their heads. When a sniper attempts to kill him, things heat up and Marcus vows to keep him safe, no matter what. Will their budding interest in each other survive what’s to come, or will things end in disaster for Russ and his newfound friends?


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