<i>The Halloween Divorce</i> by Eve Morton

The Halloween Divorce by Eve Morton

<i>The Halloween Divorce</i> by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! The Halloween Divorce by Eve Morton

Jesse Potter returns home to his parents’ neighborhood to housesit for one week. He expects to get some school work done, maybe watch some movies, but nothing else too extreme. Even when the cute neighbor named Patrick catches his eye, he knows he’s out of reach. Not only is Patrick married, but Jesse’s not sticking around.

Then there’s the clown to consider.

Patrick’s lawn is filled with Halloween decorations, all of which are terrible to the Halloween-hating Jesse, but the clown with a red outfit is the worst. Especially since the clown seems to have it out for Jesse. As stranger and stranger things keep happening, Jesse falls more and more for Patrick. And when Patrick’s husband divorces him one night — it means there’s nothing in the way between the two men.

Except for that clown again …


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