<i>The Artist’s Mechanic</i> by J.D. Walker

The Artist’s Mechanic by J.D. Walker

<i>The Artist’s Mechanic</i> by J.D. Walker

OUT NOW! The Artist’s Mechanic by J.D. Walker

Logan Winston makes a deal with his younger brother Marco to pose in the buff for an art class. Why? Because Marco is threatening to quit high school, and Logan doesn’t want his sibling to go through difficulties in life because of bad choices. Still, all Logan sees in the mirror is an average guy with dreadlocks and grease under his fingernails pretending to be a model. Then he meets Wayne Rodriguez, the hunky art teacher who causes Logan to want like he’s never wanted before.

Wayne Rodriguez is getting over a bad relationship and desires nothing more than friendship. Logan is raising his little brother and feels inadequate in Wayne’s presence. Angry words and fear make things worse, and sneaky brothers try to get them back on track.

They have to find a solution, if only to stop their siblings from meddling.


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