<i>The 13th Warlock</i> by R.W. Clinger

The 13th Warlock by R.W. Clinger

<i>The 13th Warlock</i> by R.W. Clinger

OUT NOW! The 13th Warlock by R.W. Clinger

Sawyer Black is a professional fact-gatherer for best-selling, true crime author E.M. Rutt. He loves to travel all over the world to collect details concerning the bloodiest crimes. When E.M. sends Sawyer to Bitter, Pennsylvania, for six months to gather details of the mysterious disappearance of Jase Carmichael, Sawyer learns the peaceful lakeside town has a caldron full of very dark secrets.

With the help of sexy local pub owner Harry Tindermost, Sawyer uncovers the town’s spells and the Mali, a warlock coven. He also discovers details of Wilhelm Ravenrock, the strange man who lives in the haunted Brothshire Woods. And he unearths the secrets of Jase Carmichael’s disappearance, which may be connected to the Mali warlocks and the bizarre Ravenrock.

As the facts continue to build, Sawyer becomes Harry’s attraction. Will he still be Harry’s sexual interest after the dark secrets of Bitter are disclosed?


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