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Adventures with Canine Cupids Box Set by Deirdre O’Dare

OUT NOW! Adventures with Canine Cupids Box Set by Deirdre O’Dare

Caught up in the demands of their own life and work, many strong, independent men do not have time for love. Their lifestyle leads to being loners and at times they hardly realize something critical is missing from their world. This is when a devoted canine sees a need to bring about crossing their paths with the perfect partner and contriving a chance for them to stumble into the best possible relationship. Cupid could not ask for a more clever helper than a loving dog — or sometimes two.

Contains the stories:

Doggone Love: Rancher Damon Carhart expects to spend the rest of his life alone. Then an injury to a beloved stock dog sends him to the nearest veterinary clinic for help. Once he entrusts his canine friend to veterinarian Eric Vann’s care, everything begins to change. And once desire gets a bite on him, what can he do but go along for the wild ride?

The Maltese Terror: Landscape architect Nick and rancher Caleb are an unlikely pair. So are their dogs, a Maltese and a Blue Heeler, but the dogs soon form a bond. They seem to be conspiring to get their masters together. Can a couple of canine cupids make it happen?

A New Leash on Life: Frenemies, once almost lovers … Not happily back in their old home town, Justin and Barry have to agree how to handle that old attraction since it refuses to die. Business and pleasure threaten to tangle into a hangman’s knot. Can they somehow find a new leash on life?

Love Is Snowblind: Aspiring sled dog racer Dylan trusts his beloved lead dogs completely. Following an accident in dangerous circumstances, they accept cheechako Grey into their pack. Can he then refuse the newcomer admission into his life?


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Rodeo Girls Box Set by Deirdre O’Dare

OUT NOW! Rodeo Girls Box Set by Deirdre O’Dare

Spirited cowgirls and hard-livin’ rodeo cowboys are a volatile mixture. Days in the arena and nights in the smoky bars can all be hot, hot, hot. Sometimes the question is who will rope and brand who? Contains the stories:

Pickup Man: Jana’s still single at twenty-seven. On the weekend of the big rodeo, Jana goes to the favorite night spot of the rodeo crowd to try to pick up a cowboy. Once she gets acquainted with Ty, the phrase “ride ’em cowboy” takes on a whole new meaning. She just might run her brand on this one!

Portrait of a Cowboy: The rodeo folks know photographer Kim won’t date cowboys. Literally tripping over Wolf, she rethinks her rule. Swept away by his looks and charm, she agrees to one dinner date … and one unforgettable night of passion. But by then she wants more than just a portrait of this cowboy.

Cowboy First Aid: EMT and single mom Tracey, burned by her ex’s infidelities, knows not to fall for a rodeo cowboy. Picking up Skip Horton in the muddy arena, she doesn’t guess first aid will include a hot night in bed. She’s the EMT– how can he heal her wounded heart?

Cowgirl Up: As his friend’s sister, Tab is off limits to Wes but desire for her is burning him up. How can he convince Tab to give up riding bulls? He fails to persuade her until a near tragedy brings them together, getting this cowgirl up for the ride of her life.


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Rainbow Cowboys Box Set by Deirdre O’Dare

OUT NOW! Rainbow Cowboys Box Set by Deirdre O’Dare

This box set contains six of Deirdre O’Dare’s best-selling MM cowboy romances. Cowboys always rise to meet any challenge they confront. It can be new connections that hazard a long friendship, overcoming the prejudice prevalent in middle America three quarters of a century ago or adjusting to a completely foreign environment and winning a place in that world. Love and cowboys will always “get ‘er done.”

Contains the stories:

The Wild Bunch: Stace: A guest ranch vacation provides Jared a chance to escape the constant burden of calling all the plays. But can he really let a cowboy do it? However, handsome, masterful Stace is one very special and extremely compelling cowboy. Surrendering to Stace is one way Jared can fulfill his most secret fantasy.

The Wild Bunch: Spark: A guest ranch vacation provides Chicago high roller Lou a chance to play out his boyhood Wild West fantasies. Then a puma attack makes it all too real. Suddenly Lou finds he wants to make room for an incredible cowboy in his high finance, high stress life. Convincing Spark to take a step in that direction may be his hardest but most important deal ever.

The Wild Bunch: Casa: Jason has realized his dream of a dude ranch for gays. Will this end when his head wranglers hook up with guests, leaving him alone? But Casa, who has always been his secret favorite, steps in to help when Jason is injured and shows no inclination to hook up with a guest and withdraw. Instead, he makes himself almost indispensable. Does he have a hidden motive?

The Chap in Chaps: Arriving at the Arizona ranch inherited from his late uncle, Englishman Charles Smythe regrets forsaking his dilettante life style. When he meets an employee simply called Sombra, he finds the man to teach him about ranching in Arizona Territory in 1910 as well as the masterful lover he has always craved.

The Mule Man: When total opposites meet and have to share a world in which one is a total alien, fireworks are inevitable. Is it to be love, hate or a mixture of both? When dealing with mules, and mule men like Orr, almost anything is possible — but never easy. Jase finds high finance was never like this, but he wants a piece of it.

A Mule for a Princess: In Doyle O‘Brien, ranch hand Bobby sees his dream prince come to life. When the O’Briens must go home to Ireland, taking Bobby’s pet mule, Powwow, Bobby is determined to go, too. Can an Irish aristocrat and a young Latino cowboy find common ground beyond the lust that sizzles between them and make a modern fairy tale come true?


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Good Job Box Set by Deirdre O’Dare

OUT NOW! Good Job Box Set by Deirdre O’Dare

For many men, their job or career represents their identity and a measure if their value. This huge part of their lives is often so demanding it leaves no room for romance or seeking the right partner. Whether a fellow works as an undercover agent and investigator, as a high level celebrity attorney, as a mechanic who struggles with a difficult handicap, operates a junk yard or hires on to railroad maintenance for a summer job, anything can happen. Doing a good job should win him top pay and advancement. It might even morph right into a hook up beyond his wildest dreams!

Contains the stories:

Special Delivery: Easy going Jeff seems to be Monte’s dream man but is Jeff hiding a risky secret that puts their new friendship at risk? For Monte, Jeff gives special delivery a whole new twist.

Muscle Car Man: Jeff needs help; Mike needs a new start. Did fate set them on converging tracks to give them something else they didn’t know they needed?

Always on My Mind: After the prom, Garth and Peter didn’t score with their dates but found each other. Years later, celebrity Peter needs attorney Garth’s help and old memories revive.

Workin’ on the Railroad: Two very different men, an irresistible attraction, and a dangerous job to be done. Will it morph into a train wreck or the perfect connection to take them down life’s track?

Wrenching: Mal has overcome hardships, becoming a skilled mechanic, despite his handicap. He’s lusted after rancher Dan but never dreamed he could do a key service for his secret hero. Dan claims not employees but friends help him run his inherited ranch. Could one betray him, causing dangerous sabotage to his truck? Can the young mechanic solve this puzzle?


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Canine Cupids for Homegrown Heroes Box Set by Deirdre O’Dare

OUT NOW! Canine Cupids for Homegrown Heroes Box Set by Deirdre O’Dare

Being a hero is a constantly demanding job. Few who really fill those roles realize how special they are and rarely think they are deserving of love. They seldom even have time to seek it. So at times a special dog that loves them sees their need and collaborates with Cupid to put the right partner in their path. With a clever nudge, the dog herds the two chosen together so they cannot help but trip and fall right into that perfect relationship.

This box set contains the stories:

Rescued By Love: Garrett hates to put Mandy at risk but knows they must pay forward. After SAR training, their first big challenge is in the storm-torn high plains devastated by tornadoes. Can they save a victim from life-threatening danger and then from the horrors he has fled?

Burrito Belle’s Gringo Guy: Immigrant Juan is building a new life for himself and his small mascot in Albuquerque when demons from the past emerge to threaten their very lives. Burrito Belle realizes they need a special angel, a hero, and protector. Businessman Troy might be just the man. Can she win him over?

Canine TLC: A wounded warrior trying to bring Canine TLC to hospitalized kids and a doctor who can’t stand dogs … can they find common ground?

Rez Dogs and Scooter Trash: Mike DuFrayne opens an animal shelter on the reservation, and handsome Adam Bolt rides up on a Harley looking to help. Running a youth center to save kids has become Adam’s purpose. He figures no outside do-gooder will last but Mike’s dedication wins him over. When gang activity threatens both projects so they have to work together, hidden passions erupt.

Smoke and Spots: Grady got the job Sully wanted and felt he deserved. Can he forgive and forget enough to let himself act on the attraction he feels? Can Grady overcome Sully’s belligerence and build the partnership he desires? Their feelings for a kid and a spotted pup just may bridge that gap.


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