<i>Rainbow Cowboys Box Set</i> by Deirdre O’Dare

Rainbow Cowboys Box Set by Deirdre O’Dare

<i>Rainbow Cowboys Box Set</i> by Deirdre O’Dare

OUT NOW! Rainbow Cowboys Box Set by Deirdre O’Dare

This box set contains six of Deirdre O’Dare’s best-selling MM cowboy romances. Cowboys always rise to meet any challenge they confront. It can be new connections that hazard a long friendship, overcoming the prejudice prevalent in middle America three quarters of a century ago or adjusting to a completely foreign environment and winning a place in that world. Love and cowboys will always “get ‘er done.”

Contains the stories:

The Wild Bunch: Stace: A guest ranch vacation provides Jared a chance to escape the constant burden of calling all the plays. But can he really let a cowboy do it? However, handsome, masterful Stace is one very special and extremely compelling cowboy. Surrendering to Stace is one way Jared can fulfill his most secret fantasy.

The Wild Bunch: Spark: A guest ranch vacation provides Chicago high roller Lou a chance to play out his boyhood Wild West fantasies. Then a puma attack makes it all too real. Suddenly Lou finds he wants to make room for an incredible cowboy in his high finance, high stress life. Convincing Spark to take a step in that direction may be his hardest but most important deal ever.

The Wild Bunch: Casa: Jason has realized his dream of a dude ranch for gays. Will this end when his head wranglers hook up with guests, leaving him alone? But Casa, who has always been his secret favorite, steps in to help when Jason is injured and shows no inclination to hook up with a guest and withdraw. Instead, he makes himself almost indispensable. Does he have a hidden motive?

The Chap in Chaps: Arriving at the Arizona ranch inherited from his late uncle, Englishman Charles Smythe regrets forsaking his dilettante life style. When he meets an employee simply called Sombra, he finds the man to teach him about ranching in Arizona Territory in 1910 as well as the masterful lover he has always craved.

The Mule Man: When total opposites meet and have to share a world in which one is a total alien, fireworks are inevitable. Is it to be love, hate or a mixture of both? When dealing with mules, and mule men like Orr, almost anything is possible — but never easy. Jase finds high finance was never like this, but he wants a piece of it.

A Mule for a Princess: In Doyle O‘Brien, ranch hand Bobby sees his dream prince come to life. When the O’Briens must go home to Ireland, taking Bobby’s pet mule, Powwow, Bobby is determined to go, too. Can an Irish aristocrat and a young Latino cowboy find common ground beyond the lust that sizzles between them and make a modern fairy tale come true?


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