<i>Snow</i> by Pelaam

Snow by Pelaam

<i>Snow</i> by Pelaam

OUT NOW! Snow by Pelaam

Discovering there’s more to the disappearance of his childhood friend Snow than he thought, Nolen heads his team to investigate. His team includes the sexually charismatic Terrian, who’s an ex-lover, and Qamar, an empathic Aeriyan.

On the planet Ignis, they find the remains of the ship that had carried Snow, but no sign of the man himself.

While escaping a native predator, Nolen falls down a shaft that leads to an underground world. He finds genetically created miners and Snow, who has lost his memory.

While Snow and Nolen realise their love below ground, Terrian realises just who holds his.

Nolen is determined to get Snow home. That means ascending the shaft protected by a Guardian that was set by the Masters who also created the miners.

When Snow is badly hurt, Nolen goes for help, but will he be in time?


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