<i>Operation SPA</i> by Feral Sephrian

Operation SPA by Feral Sephrian

<i>Operation SPA</i> by Feral Sephrian

OUT NOW! Operation SPA by Feral Sephrian

Both Oak and Colin have gone through some rough times lately. Oak wants to give Colin intimacy and support after his hard week. What better way than with a home spa on Colin’s day off? Not to mention there’s a “happy ending” he’s looking forward to …

Colin can’t believe his luck. He has the most caring and thoughtful husband in the world. A day of pampering is just what he needs, especially when Oak is the one doing the pampering. Every little gesture of affection adds up to the best surprise he could ever hope to get, and Colin is going to make sure Oak knows exactly how much he appreciates him.


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