<i>Of Another World Box Set</i> by Edward Kendrick

Of Another World Box Set by Edward Kendrick

<i>Of Another World Box Set</i> by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! Of Another World Box Set by Edward Kendrick

Three interconnected fantasy tales of danger and romance by best-selling MM author Edward Kendrick. Contains the stories:

Of Another World: Castaways Tony and Daniel learn they are far from home from elf Brion who says only King Cerdic can send them back. Tony and Cerdic are drawn to each even though Tony refuses to believe the island’s shifters are guilty of the crimes that sent them to Stronghold. He offers to prove it by going there undercover. Will Tony survive so he and Cerdic can act on their feelings? Only time will tell.

Of the New World: Tony and Cerdic wed, and life settles down until a new problem arises. Bandits are robbing wealthy lords. Tony and mage Leofric come up with a plan to stop them, with Cerdic’s consent; despite the fact they think Tony may be the true target. In the process, Tony learns why Leofric has given up on love. Can Tony change that? It depends on whether they survive their confrontation with the bandits.

Of a Harsh Winter: Qildor, a shunned crossbreed, is resigned to his lonely existence. Then a harsh winter sends him to warn the King that something is very wrong. Mage Pilore believes him and what he learns as they look for the cause leads him to believe an evil wizard is responsible. As they seek him, Pilore and Qildor form a bond, but will they get the chance to take it beyond that when they locate the wizard?


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